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Is Metformin Good for Weight Loss?

metformin pill

Man looking at metformin pill.

There are hundreds of things available on the market today that claim to be miracle weight loss products. The vast majority of these, however, are no such thing. In fact, most are completely ineffective and some are actually dangerous. How nice, therefore, to have come across something that does actually work. And how nice to know that it was never designed to be a weight loss product, but rather a different type of medication. Metformin is a type of medication designed to help people with diabetes, but it turns out that it may also have weight loss benefits. [click to continue…]


Green Coffee for Weight Loss

woman drinking green coffee

Woman drinking green coffee extract.

Green coffee has been hailed as the latest miracle ingredient for weight loss. However, what exactly is green coffee? And how does it help us lose weight, if it does at all? What precisely is this stuff, or is it just another fad that will vanish as quickly as it appeared? [click to continue…]


Review of the Sensa Weight Loss System

couple sprinkling sensa flavor

Couple sprinkling sensa flavor.

Imagine eating everything you want to eat without ever having to count calories. Imagine not having any cravings and not depriving yourself of anything. All you need to do is sprinkle some Sensa, a flavor enhancer, onto everything you eat. And if you do this, you will magically lose weight. According to Sensa, the crystals enhance the taste of food, but also make you feel fuller. Hence, you eat less and you lose weight. According to the website, you can lose 30 pounds in just six month. [click to continue…]


Most Common Diseases that Cause Weight Gain

woman with thyroid problems

Woman with thyroid problems.

Do you do everything you can to make sure you stay in shape, yet you still seem to get heavier? Or do you diet like mad and work out all the time, but you’re not losing any weight? There are actually some medical reasons that could be causing your weight gain, whether that is actually putting it on, or it refusing to come off. Let’s take a look at some of the possible problems. [click to continue…]


Sleep Apnea and Weight Loss

obese main with sleep apnea machine

Obese main breathing with the help of sleep apnea machine.

It has been revealed that the best possible way to fight sleep apneas is by losing weight. This is something that has now been conclusively proven. In fact, there is now quite some discussion going between doctors about whether they should recommend weight loss surgery to any patient that presents to them that is obese and suffers from sleep apnea. [click to continue…]