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110-Pound Weight Loss Helps Bree Boyce Win Miss South Carolina

Bree Boyce before and after weight loss

Bree Boyce Before and After Weight Loss

The Bree Broyce weight loss story is incredibly inspirational. It details how a 234lb woman lost a huge amount of weight, dropped numerous dress sizes and ended up winning the highly-coveted title of ‘Miss South Carolina’ in America.

Bree Boyce took just three years to lose a total of 110 pounds (over 7 stone) but she didn’t have any particular luck with specific diet plans on the way and she certainly didn’t see any ‘fad’ diets as responsible for her success. She maintains that her weight loss was simply caused by three years of healthy eating and a healthy amount of exercise.

Bree Boyce did use the Atkins diet for weight loss at one point, and was very successful with it, losing a total of 65lbs. However the victory was short-lived and she soon put the weight back on. Undeterred she began getting up at 5.30am every morning to work out before starting her day. She has since become a keen runner and competes in various marathons.

In July this year she won the Miss South Carolina pageant and will now go on to represent her state in Miss America 2012. She’s even kept her size 18 jeans to show what a difference she’s made to her life – it looks like she can fit in each leg now!

There are a few key things to take away from this inspirational weight loss story. The first, and perhaps most important, is that anything is possible. Losing over 7 stones over 3 years, and then winning a highly competitive pageant should show this. Bree Boyce’s weight gain wasn’t even a recent phenomenon; she had been overweight since the age of 10 so she was well stuck in her ways – again proving that anyone can lose weight if they are dedicated.

Also, the idea that you don’t need to follow trends or buy loads of different dieting books and products is a good one. As long as you’re disciplined by watching what you eat and doing a good amount of exercise, you too can make the change to your life that Bree Boyce did.

Here is the ABC News video coverage of Bree Boyce’s incredible weight loss success story:
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