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13 Great Weight Loss Tips for Men

Weight loss tips for men

Weight Loss Tips for Men

There was a time when weight loss tips were only important to women. They were the ones who constantly talked about their weight and their look, in general. However, things are very different today than they used to be. Men have begun to pay attention to the same things as women. Men now dress better than they used to, they use a lot of different products that help them maintain their good look, they take care of their hair, skin and general appearance.

When it comes to advices and weight loss tips for men, these have also become more popular and more important than ever. Great weight loss tips can be found all over the internet with just a click of a button, and they are extremely important to follow – not only for aesthetic, but also for health reasons. Nevertheless, men today often find it very difficult, if not impossible, to use a complex diet and prefer to apply simple but yet efficient weight loss tips. The main reason for this is the fact that today’s modern lifestyle makes it difficult to lead a normal, easy going life which is required in order to be healthy and good looking.

In most cases, especially with men, it’s enough to apply a few basic tips that are able to make the difference between losing weight and stagnating. Women might need to stick with elaborated diets in order to achieve weight loss, however men can achieve it in most of the times with following some great tips. This is due to the fact that men are more athletic and are able to lose weight easier as women do. This is why we made up a collection for you of the best weight loss tips for men that can be found today and that have proven to be easy to apply and very effective.

Weight Loss Tips for MenLifestyle
1. Wake Up Early
Men that wake up early have all the chances of following their daily schedule and sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Starting the day early will help you be more efficient and buy yourself time for fitness and other relaxing activities. This is a weight loss tip that all men should follow!

2. Planning is Everything
By planning each and every one of their meals in advance, men have the chance to lower their calorie intake and to avoid eating something that will be bad for them. Writing a list of groceries for the week allows a person to know exactly what is on their menu and to plan their daily intakes perfectly – which is a great weight loss tip.

3. Always Be Moderate
It is a fact that everything in life should be done moderately, not only eating and drinking. By eating and drinking too much, men gain weight without even noticing anything has happened. There is the common misconception that eating once or twice a day will help people lose weight. The fact is that people should have five or six meals a day, with smaller amounts of food eaten.

4. Relax
Men have to learn how to relax. Hitting a massage saloon, or having a warm bath is not only a women’s habit anymore. However relaxation can be achieved after reading a good book, your favorite magazine or simply, after listening to music. Men have to follow this weight loss tip because stress pumps cortisol in your body, a chemical that triggers abdominal fat.

5. Sleep Tight
Sleep is important for all of us. Men shouldn’t lose sleep because they will end up gaining weight. Sleep affects directly the hormones that regulate ones appetite. Men that don’t sleep enough will end up overeating and their weight loss efforts will be in vain.

Great Weight Loss Tips for MenExercise
6. Become a Regular in the Gym
As it is widely known, physical exercise is one of the most important factors in losing weight effectively. However, too much exercise can have unwanted results. Owing to this fact, it is enough that men visit the gym two or three times week and that they do only the exercises that will help them lose weight. This is done by consulting the trainer at the gym.

7. Walk for Weight Loss
Studies have found that normal weight men walk an average of 3.5 miles, that’s 5.6 kilometers, per day more than obese men do. Activate your smartphone’s pedometer and make sure that you follow this tip to lose weight.

8. Play your Favourite Sport
Even though it may not sound like much, this is actually one of the best tips to lose weight for men. Namely, whenever they have the chance and time, men should always return to their childhood hobbies. Most of us had at least one favourite sport that involves running, jumping, biking, sliding or hiking. Hook up with your friends and play. This is a fantastic opportunity to make a habit out of losing weight, while doing something that you like.

Weight Loss Tips for MenNutrition
9. Eat a High-Protein Breakfast
Several studies have proven that breakfasts rich in protein make people feel fuller during the day. This way you will be less likely to overeat. Men should love this weight loss tips as proteins are also the building blocks of muscles.

10. Drink Iced Green Tea
This beverage aids weight loss because of two important factors. First the catechins from the green tea help at decreasing body fat. Secondly, drinking iced beverages will cool you down and your body will be forced to burn extra calories in order to return to normal temperature, the main ice dieting principle.

11. Avoid Eating out of Habit
Another extremely effective weight loss tip for men is to avoid snacks in front of the TV, for example. People should eat only when they are hungry, and only when they planned to eat. Eating out of habit has become one of the major problems in modern life, as more and more people start developing the habit without even being aware of it.

12. Do Not Eat in the Evening
This is one of the most important how to lose weight tips for men. Eating late in the evening leaves the body much less time to spend the energy, thus it produces excessive weight. Men should pay more attention to when they eat rather than what they eat. Some people believe that anything can be eaten in the morning without the risk of gaining any weight. Therefore, it is advised to not eat anything after 8 or 9 p.m., except on special occasions.

13. Avoid Alcohol
This weight loss tip might be the hardest one to apply for men, however it’s very efficient. Men should skip alcohol in order to obtain the best weight loss results. An occasional drink is not prohibited in a healthy lifestyle, however every extra glass will sabotage your weight loss results.

Apart from the tips listed above, there are numerous other great weight loss tips for men, but in the end, it all comes to three golden rules. Exercise, eat wisely and follow a healthy lifestyle. If these advices are followed, there is no way that people can gain weight over time, and most of the people who follow the rules manage to lose weight without too much trouble.

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  • Acupuncture Rochester Hills March 12, 2011, 10:28 pm

    Agreed. Weight loss also applies to men. A lot of men were also in watch of their health and this is why keeping track of their body is something that all men should be concerned.And the details you have given was really great. I can add it to my ways to reduce weight. Thanks.

  • sam May 9, 2011, 12:36 pm

    this is good but not great i have tried and have seen no results :/

  • Anonymous November 8, 2011, 9:15 pm

    Im 14 , male. Tried thia for 4 weeks , i was fattest prson i. My class now im lower than average i had man boobs and 6 rolls.i now pecks and if i flex i have 6 pack

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