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3 Simple Tips to Start Weight Loss

Woman drinking soda

Stop Drinking Soda

Dr. Richard Besser has recently shared, during one of his ABCNews appearances, 3 simple tips for weight loss for us all to follow, for a better way of life. Following these 3 easy tips will add up and make a significant difference to your health and weight. They are recommended to everyone, no matter of age, sex or location. If needed use this tips to start your weight loss, else adopt them in order to maintain a normal body weight.

Reduce soda intake – if you can cut one can of soda out of your diet every day, then over the course of a whole year you will spare yourself of 15lbs! This is a really simple tip for weight loss. If you look on the back of your can you’ll see how much sugar it contains, and sugar is a serious contributor to weight gain. Avoiding it will not only help you lose weight, but also make you feel better – you should find you have more energy. Drinking water is a great alternative.

Do short bursts of exercise wherever you can – it is usually recommended to do exercise in blocks of at least 30 minutes, but for most people and their busy lives it is difficult. Dr. Besser recommends doing it in 10 minute blocks for an easy tip for weight loss, because you can perform it almost anywhere – if you’re shopping always take the stairs, not the lift or escalator. You can also have a quick stroll around the block when you get in from work. A good way to approach this is to park up your car (if you’re driving) and before you get into your house, just walk around the block. Once you’re home after a hard day’s work you won’t want to get out and have a walk again so it’s best to do this before you get in the house.

Turn the TV into exercise – you usually sit around on the sofa when you’re watching TV, but you could always do sit ups on the floor as you watch. This is a really simple weight loss tip that will barely affect your daily routine. If you wanted to make it more fun, you could agree to do a set of exercises when a trigger word was said, so if you’re watching the news and every time the UK was mentioned you could do 10 sit-ups or 10 push-ups for example.

You can see that these 3 easy weight loss tips are very simple to work into your daily routine. They won’t impact your way of life, but over the course of time they will impact your health. Use them and you will be a few steps closer of living a healthy life. Start small and lose weight over the long run!

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