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3 Weight Loss Exercises for a Fat Butt

nice butt after weight loss No matter whether or not you take pride in your clothing, when you are out shopping for a new pair of trousers or a few more shirts, you are very likely to have heard the phrase “does my bum look big in this?” For people who may be a little bit overweight, their butt is a source of the lessening self confidence that they feel.

The vast majority of the fat that is stored in your body stays around the lower half of your abdomen; namely your stomach and also your butt. Having large buttocks has the additional problem of making us feel disproportioned; a little bit bottom heavy which is the last thing you want when you are trying to feel beautiful. Therefore, it is good to know a few weight loss techniques that specifically target the weight on your butt.

By far, the best butt exercise to use is the hip extension technique. This is where you kneel down with your legs at a 90° angle and slowly and deliberately lift each leg independently as high as it will go. If you want to add a little extra tension to your gluteus maximus muscle, you can place a weight behind your knee as you lift your leg. The reason why this is so effective is that it is a stretch that specifically targets your gluteus maximus; your butt muscle.
hip extension for butt toning Because of this, all the tension is taken by that muscle so it is your butt that takes all the benefit. 3 sets of 30-40 reps every day should set you on the way to butt weight loss.

An example of a 90 degree hip extension is provided in the image nearby. You can hold a small dumbbell with your 90 degree flexed raising knee. This will guarantee that you execute the movement correctly and manage to tone your butt!

step ups for butt slimming Alternatively, you can try to achieve butt weight loss through step ups. This can be done anywhere in the house and only requires you to have a box or a step. Essentially, the exercise is exactly what it says on the tin; you step onto the box, then step back off the box. This works because your butt is a key element in allowing you to raise yourself up to a higher level. It also helps to tone your legs whilst you are achieving this butt weight loss, meaning that the issue over feeling disproportioned is much reduced. Again, 3 sets of around 50 reps every night should be done.
Once you gain experience you can add the dumbbell with this exercise too. Check the nearby woman and see how to perform sit ups properly. Now you can begin your butt slimming routine!

Finally, with this idea of changing height in mind, a great way to get out and about whilst losing weight on your butt is to go hiking. Where better to tone your gluteons than out in the fresh air where you can take in the beauty of nature. It has the same benefits as the step ups but with the added benefit of being outdoors. It is best to spend a day or two every week hiking in order to maximise your butt weight loss potential!

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