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4 New Weight Loss Gadgets

weight loss gadgets

Weight Loss Gadgets

Weight loss is difficult for everyone, but there are ways to make it easier for yourself, as technology steps in to aid you to return to your normal weight. Some new weight loss gadgets available on the market, at a reasonable cost, should help you lose weight easier. They help you out by saving your time and effort when it comes to eating and contribute to improved performance and better results when we talk about exercising.

The first gadget for weight loss we’re featuring is a standard hand-held blender. Blenders are great gadgets to lose weight with as they allow you to make some great-tasting vegetable soups or weight loss smoothies. The hand-held version is particularly good as you can just use it in the pan you’ve mixed or cooked everything in so you don’t have to clean up a blender or another pan afterwards. Research has shown that vegetable soup makes you as satisfied as many other meals that have more calories, so it is definitely one to try out.

If you like to eat chips and are really struggling to cut them out of your diet you don’t have to with this new weight loss gadget; Tefal’s ActiFry will cook you healthy, crusty, french fries. You just need to slice up your potatoes, put them in the ActiFry along with a very small amount of natural oil (a single tablespoon) and the gadget will produce amazing chips every single time. These chips are much healthier for you than regular french fries. You can also use this weight loss gadget to make stir fries, roast vegetables and many other things – recipes come with it and more are available online. It is very easy to clean and only has only two buttons to operate.

If you’re taking on a new exercise scheme, the Nike Plus sports watch (with GPS) is a good gadget to get skinny with. Apart from telling the time, the watch also displays your heart rate and records exactly where you’ve been running with the watch. You then plug the gadget into the SD port of your computer and it will show you the exact route you took so you can optimise your exercise and set better routes for yourself. This watch will help you set goals and give you that extra kick of motivation needed to improve your performance.

The final weight loss gadget we’re featuring is the iPad – this is perhaps one of the most important gadgets to lose weight with, but unfortunately it’s the most expensive of the ones presented in this review. One particularly good app is Fitness Class which is a free app and you can download many fitness classes onto your iPad to watch and follow as you work out. Some of the videos are free to download and others cost about 70 pence each.

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