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5 Bridal Weight Loss Tips

bridal weight loss

Bridal Weight Loss

If you’re going to a bride at a wedding first of all, congratulations! But also being a bride is good motivation for losing weight, so you can really stun on your wedding day and fit into that tight dress. Here we’ll look at 5 bridal weight loss tips to help you slim down for your big day. These are some quick tips ideal for brides that need to lose a few pounds before their big day. If you aim to drop a significant amount of weight before your wedding, you should go for a complete weight loss program at least 1 year before the big event. This will allow you to lose weight before you buy the wedding dress and you’ll be able to pick the one that suits your new look!

Bridal Weight Loss Tips
1. Think about your big day as motivation – the best thing about losing weight for your wedding is that you already have your motivation; you simply need to fit into that gorgeous wedding dress! Every time you’re tempted by an unhealthy thought just think about your dress and your day and this should help you avoid it.

2. Drink lots of water – drinking lots of water is so good for you, and helps you lose weight. It’s not quite the same drinking water in tea or coffee or drinking it with squash; grab a big bottle of it from your local supermarket and get drinking! Water makes you feel full and therefore you end up consuming less; a great weight loss remedy.

3. Exercise every day until your wedding – count up how many days left until your big day (of course you’ll already know this!) and then set yourself a little bit of exercise to do each day, possibly increasing slightly each day too. For example, you could want to set yourself a target of running one mile in one session a few days before your wedding. You can start up just jogging 100m on your first exercise day, and build it up slowly until this day. You don’t have to do too much exercise however, just half an hour’s walking each day will do you an amazing amount of good and help you on your wedding dress weight loss goals.

4. Don’t pig out on your engagement party – one mistake that often gets made by new brides to be is that they have their engagement party, loads of deserts get left over and you feel like you have to eat them all; don’t! You can take these down to homeless shelters or care homes – the people they help out will appreciate your deserts, don’t throw them away whatever you do.

5. Don’t follow a big diet – if you’re interested in bride weight loss but getting close to your wedding day, it’s really not a good idea to start a new large diet programme – you most likely won’t see the results of the diet until after your wedding, you won’t enjoy your wedding meal as much as you’ll feel like you shouldn’t be eating it, and you might suffer mood swings around your wedding and honeymoon period – not good! There are better ways for bride weight loss.

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