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5 Most Common Weight Loss Myths

Woman starving herself
When you are looking for weight loss tips you might also bump in a lot of weight loss myths available out there. Following these myths, unfortunately, won’t help you lose weight and get fit in the long term – there are far more effective methods. After reading this article you will be much more informed than the average person trying to lose weight and you will know how to discover and avoid the following weight loss myths!

1st Weight Loss Myth – Starving yourself is the best way to lose weight! (False)
This is probably the most common weight loss myth. If you simply stop eating to try and lose weight you will find yourself tired and malnourished. This will make you turn to snack foods as these gives you those quick boosts that you desperately need. Snacks are generally high in bad fats and sugars so will make you gain weight!

2nd Weight Loss Myth – Slimming pills are a good long-term option. (Absolutely not)
Slimming pills might have a few noticeable effects in the very short-term, but in the long-term they are a very bad option, because you can’t just take weight loss pills forever in order to remain slim. You should only take weight loss pills if you have been specifically prescribed them by the doctor. You can refer back to our previous article on weight loss pills for more information.

3rd Weight Loss Myth – Foods labelled with ‘reduced fat’ or ‘low in fat’ are always good for you. (Not necessarily)
‘Low fat’ labels are usually good for you as they really are low in fat because there are legal controls surrounding the label, but if you look for ‘reduced fat’ you will find that all they need to do to have this label is have a different version of the product with more fat in it – a ‘reduced fat’ snack probably still has lots of fat in it!

4th Weight Loss Myth – Stopping snacking helps you lose weight. (Not completely true)
It just depends on the type of snack you eat. If you cut out all snacks, yes you will lose weight, but it may also leave you tired as you aren’t eating enough. Simply choose to eat fruit or a similar alternative instead of a snack that’s high in fat or sugar.

5th Weight Loss Myth – Healthy food is more expensive. (It’s a Myth!)
Most people do not realise that you can buy healthy ingredients and make your own healthy meal instead of buying in ready meals. Ready meals have a lot of processed ingredients in them and cost a lot of money, but if you compare this to buying the raw ingredients, such as vegetables, flour and dairy products you will find that the latter works out far cheaper. A similar point is that you do not need to eat organic products to be healthy!

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