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5 Natural Metabolism Boosters

metabolism boosting activity

A Metbolism Boosting Activity

Metabolism is the body’s natural process that burns fat which is stored in the human body. Generally speaking, if you have a high metabolism you can eat fatty foods without putting on weight, whilst if you have a low metabolism you store most of the fats you consume without burning them off. Thankfully, there are lots of natural ways to boost metabolism without spending a fortune, and many of these ways can be simple changes within your basic lifestyle. Five of the best metabolism boosters are presented below.

1. Exercise
Exercise is the most natural and self explanatory way to boost metabolism. Exercising makes your body use up fats stored within your body, and increases your metabolism for an amount of time after you exercise. 30 minutes of exercise four times a week will help to boost your metabolism, and combined with the correct diet, could put you well on your way to losing weight. Some of the best metabolism boosting exercises are the interval training workouts. You can combine stair climbing with free-weight exercises or ab workouts with stretching.
There also a few popular sports that boost metabolism very efficient. I can mention swimming, cycling, marathon running, football, skiing (the majority of winter sports) and many other.

2. Eating Correctly
Eating the right foods is crucial – is not only one of the best metabolism boosters, it also helps your body maintain a healthy and attractive look and feel to it. By eating metabolism boosting foods, like vegetables, fruits and proteins we can help our bodies to stay fit and healthy, and feel physically and mentally feel good and fresh.
Some of the best metabolism boosting foods are soups (vegetable or cabbage soup are highly recommended). However, I would highly recommend the Chinese weight loss soups.
Turkey meat is also known as easy digestible and recommended as food that boosts metabolism. We can also mention hot peppers as a metabolism boosting ingredient. They contain dihydrocapsiate, a chemical that aids weight loss. Last and not least, some of the most accessible metabolism boosting drink, water. Water brings no calories, suppresses appetite and stimulates calorie burning.

3. Routine
Keeping to a routine is the step that most people fail at when trying to lose weight and boost metabolism. A routine is crucial in order to allow the body to get used to changes that you will be making, as well as helping you stay motivated to keep up with your dieting or lifestyle changes. If you stick to a routine, you are far more likely to maintain progress for good rather than reverting back to your old ways after a few weeks.
In order to effectively lose weight and naturally boost metabolism, eat five smaller sets of meals a day, and don’t snack in between, however tempting this may seem at points. Eating smaller meals avoids having large amounts of food in your stomach and metabolism is speed up. If you still feel hungry in between meals have a big glass of water and try to keep yourself occupied to take your mind of food. If you have to snack and can’t help yourself, try to eat fruit or vegetables, as these contain little calories but are high in vitamins amongst other beneficial ingredients.

4. Motivation
Motivate yourself. This may seem like an obvious one, and some people may not even like this being in this article, but if you have no motivation, how are you supposed to boost metabolism naturally? Everyone gets motivated in different ways, and it’s down to you to find the way that works for you. Perhaps there is a set of songs which really gets you going, or maybe you have a friend that spurs you on to be gym buddies. Whatever it is, use it to your advantage, as motivation is one of the hardest factors throughout weight lost. Remember, if you slip up it’s not the end of the world, and if you eat an unhealthy meal don’t panic, just resume your diet the next meal or day, and don’t feel bad on yourself for slipping up.

5. Natural Supplements
Taking certain supplements has been known to be beneficial when trying to boost metabolism naturally. Supplements usually come in tables or pills that you take once, twice or three times a day. They provide your body with well needed nutrients designed to keep you healthy. Obviously nothing is better than the real things themselves, but if you cannot afford to buy fresh fruit every day, then supplement pills will be a great help. Always check the packets before consuming any supplements, and if you’re worried or have health problems speak to your doctor first to make sure they are suitable for you to take. Green tea can also be considered a natural metabolism boosting supplement. We recommend you to drink green tea and not ingest a pill containing green tea extract.

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