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5 Permanent Weight Loss Tips

Woman achieving permanent weight loss

Losing weight over the course of a couple of days can be relatively easy, but what’s really hard is trying to lose weight permanently. It’s always better to think for the long term. Rapid weight loss achieved within a few days is not recommended. Instead try to drop pounds gradually and forever. What we’ll look at below is five tips that will help you keep weight off permanently.

Permanent Weight Loss TipRegular exercise routine
1. Getting into an exercise routine will not only help you lose weight, but it will also help you keep that weight off as you tend to stick to things more when you have them written down on a plan. Exercising also helps increase your metabolism thus making permanent weight loss much easier. Physical training doesn’t provide only weight loss benefits. It’s also reinvigorating and excellent for your general health.

Permanent Weight Loss TipLose weight slowly
2. The slower you lose weight the easier it will be for you to maintain your new weight. A steady and balanced weight loss allows your body to accommodate with your new lifestyle. A sudden weight loss will only confuse your body and it will be much harder for your to maintain your new weight. More, losing weight slowly implies less drastic changes to your diet. This will help you to get used with your new nutritional habits, and why not, maintain them forever. At the other end, a crash diet will never be sustainable for a long time and once stopped you will start gaining weight.

Permanent Weight Loss TipReduce carbohydrates
3. Simply cutting a large portion of carbohydrates out of your regular diet will help keep your weight down forever hopefully, however you do still need some carbohydrates for a healthy diet.

Permanent Weight Loss TipEat more vegetables
4. It is possibly for everyone to find some vegetables that they like, simply have a look around your local supermarket or grocery shop and get a selection of vegetables to try. You should be able to find at least a few you really enjoy eating and this will again help you to lose weight permanently. Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Mix them every day and you will benefit from a full spectrum of nutrients.

Permanent Weight Loss TipEat more fibre
5. Eating fibre is a good permanent weight loss tip and you should try and eat 25 grams of it a day, 10 of which should consist of insoluble fibre. Fibre can be found in legumes, some vegetables, fruits, brown rice and whole grains and has been a proven strategy for permanent weight loss.

Don’t rush your permanent weight loss plan. You should spend time either writing or having a good think about how you’re going to lose weight permanently, but then you shouldn’t get impatient and want your weight loss to happen too quickly. Even if you are making very slow progress, stick with it as it will all be worth it in the end. Weight loss can take months and months, but once it’s off it can be weight lost forever.

Following these five tips will help you lose weight forever, but it is always important to maintain your motivation and stick to them. You need to know exactly how you’re going to do it and you need to be realistic about what sort of timescale you need to follow so you don’t get de-motivated. You can set yourself way-point targets to meet, but always ensuring they are realistic. Be confident, you will enjoy your new healthy lifestyle!

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