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5 Tips For a Higher Weight Loss Motivation

weight loss motivationWhy is it that we sometimes lack motivation for weight loss? We all know that we should lose weight but don’t have a reason to do it; without a reason it is very easy to lose your motivation and fall back into bad habits. Therefore, here are 5 weight loss motivation tips; 5 reasons why you want to lose weight. Use them and you will be able to regain your lost weight loss desire.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 1Competition Saves the Day
Follow this tip and you will have guaranteed success! Competition has always been the key to the progress of humanity. Rivalries between experts, between entire countries and even huge alliances, have contributed and are still contributing to the huge technological leap of our humanity. As long as we use competition in a positive way, we will find ourselves in a win-win situation.
You may find that motivation for weight loss comes from the competition between yourself and a friend. If you have someone to compete against; 2 people who are both trying to lose weight, it can help if you set each other challenges. If you feel that you need a physical reward when you lose weight then perhaps it might be a good idea to set up a friendly bet between the two of you; the person who loses the most pounds after a set period of time wins the bet.
How many times have you heard the phrase ‘I bet that you can’t…?’. This is perhaps the most motivational sentence a friend could say to you. Next step is to take the bet and agree on a stake. Keep in mind, the higher the stake, the higher the motivation! Good luck.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 2Be a Sports Guru
Another weight loss motivation tip is to lose weight in order to improve your sports potential. Many people dream of partaking in a sport professionally yet are unable to because of their weight. You don’t even have to dream of being a real sportsman. It is enough to perform amateur sports activities with your friends and to see that you struggle because of the extra pounds you are carrying. No one is happy to drop behind the pack while jogging, swimming or cycling. Use this issue to find your motivation and lose the extra weight.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 3Improved Sexual Attraction!
Many people find their weight loss motivation when it comes to the need of improving their physical appearance. We all have aspirations of looking beautiful and often find that we are unable to really fulfil our aesthetic potential because of our weight. This can lead to a lack of confidence in yourself and make it difficult to attract members of the opposite sex. If you are looking for weight loss motivation then the opportunity to attract members of the opposite sex is a great boost for reaching your goals.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 4Confidence, Confidence, Confidence
This motivation tip is linked with the previous one. The attractiveness comes because once you lose weight you have a better looks and a renewed sense of confidence in yourself. If you are looking for motivation for weight loss then the prospect of just feeling good about yourself is a good place to start. Feeling self confident is the gateway to keeping the weight off too; you feel so good about yourself that you can’t bear to feel bad about yourself again. Self confidence improves your mental state and you will start seeing everything in bright colours again.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 5 Save Your Health
We saved the best motivation for weight loss for the end. Obviously, one of the most common motivation for weight loss that the majority of people have is to lose weight on health grounds. There is no secret about the effect that being overweight has on your health; the extra cholesterol in your system can cause heart diseases and diabetes. If none of the above tips regained your motivation for weight loss, then the threat of death is usually a big motivator! You do not have to wait to get ill in order to wake up. It is almost a certainty that overweight people will get into health problems sooner or later. It all depends on how much over weight you carry and how long this problem lasts.

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