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5 Tips for Preventing and Reducing Childhood Obesity

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Eating Healthy Prevents Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity isn’t just an American problem, it is alive and real in the UK too, so here we’ve got 5 tips on how to reduce child obesity and give your children a healthier lifestyle. A study out in America has shown that there is a correlation between working mothers and their children’s obesity, but these tips should allow you to still work and help prevent obesity in children – mothers often need to work to support their children and simply can’t afford to take time off.

5 Tips for Preventing and Reducing Childhood Obesity
1. Eat out less – restaurants pack their food full of calories, and you can’t look at any packaging to see how much your children are eating. This tip, couple with number 2, can help in preventing childhood obesity.

2. When out, watch portion sizes – contrary to point 1, you will still want to eat out sometimes; having children doesn’t tie you into the house for every meal. But when you’re out, opt for much smaller portion sizes. For example, 2 children could share a meal in most cases.

3. Plan meals – when you go to the supermarket, have a list ready so you don’t end up buying lots of junk. Impulse buys can be responsible for obesity in children. Another good supermarket tip is called ‘shopping the perimeter’. Most healthy foods are in the outer aisles of the supermarkets; things like fresh fruit and vegetables. Sticking to the aisles means you can only buy the stuff that’s healthy for your children.

4. Cook simple meals at weekend and freeze – especially if you’re working, you might find it hard to produce good, healthy meals to reduce obesity in your children and therefore opt for processed meals during the week. It doesn’t have to be like this. If you prepare the healthy food at the weekend when you’ve got time, you can then freeze them and defrost them in the week.

5. Only buy healthy snacks – if you only have healthy snacks in the house, then when you’re out all children will be able to find to eat are healthy snacks. For example, don’t buy lots of high-sugar fizzy drinks, so your children only have the option of drinking fresh fruit juice, water, or cordial. Junky snacks have huge amounts of saturated fat and sugar in them which is a key contributor to childhood obesity.

Following these 5 tips should help you stay ahead of the game with childhood obesity. If you have any problems, the NHS are always trying to prevent childhood obesity and your family doctor will be able to offer you endless advice on how to give your children healthier food.

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