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7 Good Weight Loss Tips to use in a Restaurant

Friends eating out

Friends eating out

Good weight loss tips to use when you’re in a restaurant are hard to find, however they are vital if you want to have a normal social life and continue to lose weight. Eating out in a restaurant every so often is an important social event in most people’s calendars in the UK, yet they can affect your diet plans or weight loss goals. Here we share a few good weight loss tips with you on how to reduce your calorie intake at restaurants.

7 Good Weight Loss Tips to use in a Restaurant
Share your starter – You can share your starter with a person you’re at the restaurant with. This means you only get half the intake. This is an especially good time if you’re eating out with someone else who is following a weight loss regime. You can simply ask the waiter for the starter and an extra plate. If you don’t like to share food you can even ask for the other half in a doggy bag to take home and eat another day.

Ask for dressings in pots – If you’re having a salad with a fatty dressing on for example, a good weight loss tip to use in a restaurant is to ask the waiter if the dressing can be delivered in a pot on the side instead of being put on your food. This way you can control how much of the topping you eat. Alternatively you can ask for it to be swapped for a healthier one.

Order salad instead of chips – Lots of dishes come with chips in restaurants, but many restaurants are obliging in giving you salad instead of these unhealthier options if you ask for it. The same applies to similar sides, such as onion rings.

Ask the waiter for help – Waiters see the meals they serve many times a day, and will know which dishes have lots of foods on them, and have some idea about which would be lighter than others. You could ask your waiter for a recommendation on some of the lighter options available on the menu. If they don’t know they can even ask the chef for you.

Order a starter as a main – If you’re really looking for ways to consume less, then a good tip for weight loss in restaurants is to order a starter as a main course. This reduces your calorie intake at the meal, whilst still being able to enjoy the social surroundings.

Never order soda – If you’re on a weight loss mission, you should forget about soda. A single can of soda provides the equivalent of 15 packs of sugar! Go for natural juices, lemonade or still water. Alcohol is allowed, depending on how drastic your diet is. As a general rule it’s permitted to drink 1 glass of wine.

Chat with your partner – Yes, you read it right. It’s recommended to chat with your meal partner. This way you will eat your meal slowly and aid your digestion. Your brain will have time to receive the signals of fullness and you’ll avoid overeating.

If you follow these good weight loss tips when you’re out at restaurants they should aid your dieting. Remember, being on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t go out for meals! Everyone can have a social life and diet at the same time.

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