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9 Secret Tips of Naturally Slim People

Slim People

Naturally Slim People

Naturally slim women are the envy of females the world over. Whilst some slim people may be the way they are due to weight disorders or due to the “slim gene”, a large number are slim because of the healthy lifestyle that they lead. If you want to look and feel as great as your “naturally slim” friend you might want to look into some of the secret slimming tips described below.

1. Drink Plenty of Water
Instead of reaching for the fridge the instant that you feel hungry, pour yourself a glass of water. Often thirst is mistaken for hunger so why not see how you feel after a glass of water instead? If you’re not keen on the taste of water itself, add some low sugar cordial to your glass – it’s tasty and so much better for you than coffee and fizzy pop!

2. Increase Your Fruit Intake
Naturally slim people tend to eat one more serving of fruit per day than overweight people so if you want to join them take heed of our naturally slim tips and increase the amount of fruit you eat. Keeping fruit on your work desk will keep you away from the vending machines, and eating fruit before your main meal will lower the amount of calories you eat overall. Plus there are so many different fruits available that you are sure to find one you enjoy.

3. Increase Your Activity Levels
Three hours of exercise every week isn’t enough if you want to join the naturally slim brigade. In fact you’ll find that both slim women and slim men spend a lot of their time being active. Whether this is standing instead of sitting when on the phone, taking the stairs instead of the lift or even fidgeting; if you want to lose weight you need to increase your activity level.

4. Eat a Nutritious Breakfast
We’ve all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; and that’s because it is. If you want to be like your naturally slim friends you definitely need to follow this secret slimming tip. Start your healthy eating attitude with a healthy breakfast. Aim to eat three meals a day with healthy snacks in between – it’ll save you reaching for that Mars Bar at 11am!

5. Lower Your Salt Intake
Whilst salt on its own isn’t exactly brimming with calories, scientists have found a relationship between salt and sugary drinks; the more salt a person eats, the more they tend to crave fizzy pop. Fizzy pop is incredibly bad for you – in fact it is pretty much liquidised sugar – so by lowering your salt intake you will naturally lower your sugar intake too. Now that’s one secret slimming tip we bet you didn’t know!

6. Learn the Difference Between Hunger and Appetite
Naturally slim people tend to only eat when they are truly hungry whereas the rest of us may choose to have a snack when we have “an appetite”. Feelings of hunger can be caused by seeing a food advert on the TV and even from boredom but don’t run to the fridge as soon as you feel them. One of the best naturally slim tips is to only eat when you are hungry so leave it 20 minutes to see if the feeling passes. If it does you know it was just a craving, if it doesn’t – go ahead and eat something.

7. Variety is Good but Don’t Take it to Extremes
It’s always a good idea to eat a varied diet – that’s what naturally slim people do but make sure that you don’t take it to the extremes. If you mix too many flavours into one meal, you’ll find your tastebuds get overexcited and this can lead to over eating. Another one of our secret slimming tips is to keep your food basic with a 20% variation. This should be enough to stop your tastebuds becoming bored and still help your body to slim down.

8. Cut Out the Sugar
If you want to be naturally slim you need to cut out the sugar. You may think that you don’t enjoy tea or coffee without it in and you may think that unsweetened juice is revolting however once you give your tastebuds a chance to change you’ll find that they can become accustomed to a lack of sugar in your diet… and this is good for the new slim you!

9. Cut Out the Emotion
The final in our list of naturally slim tips is to cut out the emotion. It’s easy to turn to food during emotional times but naturally slim people will find other ways to make themselves feel better. Take some me-time, put some music on or treat yourself to a book. None of these options will lead to weight gain which will leave you much happier in the long run.

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