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A Big Breakfast Won’t Keep Hunger at Bay

Big breakfast

A Big Breakfast

Research emerging from Germany is threatening to dispel the commonly-held belief that a large breakfast helps to stave off hunger later in the day.

For many years, research and debate have proved inconclusive in deciphering the effect of a large breakfast on weight loss. Some dieticians advise that a substantial, nutritious breakfast will help to prevent snacking over the course of the day and encourage smaller portions at lunch and dinner. But many people attempting to lose weight prefer to skip breakfast altogether.

A new study by Dr Volker Schusdziarra of the Else-Kroner-Fresenius Centre of Nutritional Medicine in Munich, Germany, observed the eating habits of 380 individuals of various body weights and body types. The test subjects, whose normal breakfast habits ranged from eating a large breakfast, to a small breakfast, to skipping it altogether, were asked to keep a journal of everything they consumed over a set period of time.

The results of the study showed that the effects of eating a big breakfast that contained 400 kilocalories more than a small breakfast did lead to a reduction in mid-morning snacking but that this did not result in an overall reduction in calorie intake.

Dr Schusdziarra said: “The results of the study showed that people at the same at lunch and dinner, regardless of what they had for breakfast.

“This means that a big breakfast resulted in a total increase in calories eaten over the day of about 400 kilocalories.”

The study concluded that a higher calorie intake earlier in the day must either be balanced out by lower calorie meals in the afternoon, unless a personal fitness regime means that the calories would be burned off during training.

Personal training programmes that are structured around people’s normal eating habits are available throughout the UK.

If you’re in the south west of England seeking a personal trainer Cheltenham is where you will find personal health and wellness guru Vicki Osbiston. Her mantra centres around an all-round solution to better body health – not a simple weight loss solution.

She says: “The truth is we are all on a diet of one kind or another and some are good, others are not. Basically, we all need to eat.

“The key to wellness and a healthier body weight is to have a healthy body composition, not just a fix on the scales alone.”

As a conclusion I can say that breakfast and weight loss are related as much as any other meal is related with the losing weight process. Breakfast can influence your diet if not served at the proper time. No matter if you choose to eat a big, a normal or a small breakfast you can affect your weight loss process if you eat your first meal of the day to late. This way you will delay all the rest of the meals during the day and you will end up eating to close before bedtime, which is obviously not good. So remember, eating breakfast early helps!

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