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A Weight Loss Story that Inspired a Whole Family

Dave Boring and his family

Dave Boring and his Family

It’s always inspiring to hear weight loss stories from other people as it makes you stop and think about how you could change your life for the better by using some of their examples and applying it to your life. Here we look at the Boring family who have between them lost a grand total of 518 pounds (that’s over a quarter of a ton!).

At age 47, Dave Boring weighed 300 pounds and was on various types of medication for lots of health-related problems, including cholesterol and high blood pressure medication. At this point he told himself he needed to get healthy and now exercises 6 days a week and watches what he eats very carefully. This has seen him lose a whopping 108 pounds over the course of 2 years, and his figure has changed dramatically. He could easily be described as looking at least 10 years younger and he’s still losing weight.

The most inspiring part of this story however is that he has helped 10 other members of his family lose weight too by recommending exercise and dietary changes and now between them they’ve lost over 500 pounds. With health problems in the family ranging from stroke to diabetes to heart disease, the whole family is pleased with their performance, and Dave for inspiring them.

Take Dave’s parents for example – they are both in their 70s and were on medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. They consulted their doctor about their son’s weight loss regime and he gave them the all clear to go ahead with it. They have now lost over a hundred pounds between them because of it, and done away with their medicine – before the weight loss they needed machines to help them breathe at night, now they don’t.

One of Dave’s most useful tools in his weight loss routine was the ‘bod pod’ – a capsule that you can sit in that calculates your body fat, and how many calories you need per day for your particular metabolism. He has now set up a company that aims to make the bod pod more widely available as he attributes a fair portion of his success to it.

If you ever needed inspiration for a weight loss goal this should be it. Think about Dave. He lost over 100 pounds in 2 years, completely changed his appearance, future health and founded his own business.

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