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WeightLossBucket.com is deemed to help everyone that aims to start, restart or continue a weight loss venture. If you are experienced in losing weight or you are only at the start of your first weight loss attempt, you certainly landed in the right place.

WeightLossBucket.com is a non-profit website. We currently run Google Advertisements on the website in order to cover our hosting and editorial expenses. The advertisements are clearly delimited and are tagged as ‘Ads by Google’.

WeightLossBucket.com shares information which help you lose weight naturally and healthy. All the advices posted on this website are aiming to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle, starting with a healthy diet, eating habits, continuing with proper fitness routines and ending with the smallest tip that could improve your well-being.

WeightLossBucket.com provides numerous, simple, but yet very efficient weight loss tips. Browse our main categories: Natural Weight Loss Tips, Fitness Weight Loss Tips, Diet Weight Loss Tips, General Weight Loss, Spiritual Weight Loss, Low Fat Cooking, News and Media and you will find a lot of useful information for any weight loss venture.

The WeightLossBucket.com staff is build up by non-medical specialists. We are fitness enthusiast and people that love to live a healthy lifestyle and share it with everyone else. As stated in the disclaimer available at the bottom of every page of our website, the tips shared by us should not replace any medical recommendation!

The WeightLossBucket.com editorial staff currently includes 3 writers. Jennie Dawson (alias Jennie), William Appleyard (alias William) and David Arvelo (alias Dave). Jennie is licensed in Journalism, Will works at a fitness gym while David activates in the food industry.

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Good luck with your weight loss venture!