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Achieve Weight Loss Through Reflexology

Reflexology weight loss massage

Reflexology Massage for Weight Loss

Weight loss through reflexology is becoming a more popular way to lose weight, but many people don’t even know what reflexology is. Different pressure points on your feet can be used to control lots of responses within your body, so there are plenty of ways to invoke a weight loss reflexology response when using a trained practitioner. There are also different pressure points on your body where you can receive a reflexology massage session. However foot reflexology is the most popular form compared with hand or facial reflexology.

First up, you might wonder who can perform reflexology for weight loss – the best bit is that anyone can do it since there is a very slim risk of you doing any sort of damage to your body. However, someone certified by the British Reflexology Association will instantly know which pressure points to use to achieve the desired and goals so you might find paying for it more effective. It can costs upwards of £30 an hour however.

If you’ve chosen to lose weight through reflexology by doing it yourself then you will need to acquire a reflexology chart. We’ve provided a foot reflexology chart at the bottom of this article so you can easily print one once you are prepared to start. The chart will show you which pressure points correspond to different organs or parts of the body. For reflexology weight loss, you need to find the pressure points that correspond to your spleen (somewhere near the middle of the sole of your foot). Massaging this pressure point will stimulate your spleen and reduce your hunger, thus helping you lose weight.

Other pressure points to try for reflexology weight loss are digestive organs, such as the pancreas and kidneys; again, refer to the chart for the pressure points attached to these. Stimulating these will allow you to absorb more nutrients from the foods you consumer, thus meaning you need less intake and resulting in weight loss.

If you’ve chosen to use a professional reflexologist to lose weight with reflexology then you can still supplement your sessions with them with your own reflexology, once or twice a week. Your reflexologist can help you come up with a plan to help you between sessions. This will vary depending on your weight loss goals, the condition of your body, your stress levels, and the length of time you’ve been above your desired weight.

One important point about foot reflexology weight loss is that it shouldn’t be used to replace other weight loss initiatives; it should be used as a complement to them. Therefore, it is still important to follow a thorough diet and exercise programme too to get the maximum weight loss through reflexology.

Foot reflexology chart

Foot Reflexology Chart

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