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Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Acupuncture for weight loss

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Today we look at acupuncture for weight loss, and hopefully answer any questions you might have about the course of treatment, of this alternative therapy. First, you might want to know what acupuncture is. Acupuncture is a recognised medical treatment used for a huge variety of conditions worldwide and involves lightly pushing very thin needles into different points of your body – these are called your energy pathways (or your ‘chi’). It was originally part of Chinese medical methods but has now become much more mainstream and available in the west – now even the NHS prescribes it for the treatment of some conditions.

When you’re receiving the acupuncture weight loss therapy, the needles in you will stimulate pain receptors in your body which will produce endorphins – the same endorphins that are produced when you have been exercising. Endorphins make you feel happier, just like as you do after a good exercise session. However, they have also been said to reduce your appetite. As you can imagine, a reduced appetite leads to less hunger, less food consumer and therefore weight loss.

The acupuncture and weight loss specialist you see should ask you a series of questions that will try and determine the underlying reasons behind your weight gain. They can then look at a chart and see exactly where to stick the pins in order to alter your body’s chi. Some examples of what they might focus on include insulin levels or the output of the pituitary gland – these would help decrease your natural appetite.

You still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst having weight loss acupuncture. With similar types of weight loss treatment, you should regard acupuncture as a supplement to your diet and exercise regime rather than a miracle cure. The acupuncture sessions will need to be carried out on a regular basis too – a one-off session is no good. Your specialist will be able to tell you how often you need to receive them and what other activities you should be engaging in outside of the sessions.

If you research the topic, you may find that there isn’t a great deal of scientific support for acupuncture weight loss, but many people have reported weight loss results while receiving acupuncture, and if it ends up working for you then you should carry on; weight loss is about finding what works for you. It is also very difficult to quantify the internal energy of your body in scientific terms and so studies would have struggled to find out an answer to it.

However, one area of acupuncture and weight loss, that there is a lot of scientific support for, is its safety – there are negligible side effects to the treatment and therefore is suitable for almost anyone. You should, however, check with your specialist if you have any concerns.

To conclude, we hope we’ve provided you with some answers about acupuncture for weight loss. You should have noted from this article that acupuncture can lead to weight loss on an individual level, how the process works, what you should be doing alongside your sessions, but most importantly that it’s a safe alternative therapy.

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  • E-Slimmer October 7, 2011, 10:50 am

    I have recently tried acupuncture to curb my cravings for chocolate, which has been hampering my weight loss efforts of late. Over the past week I have gone from eating at least two bars of chocolate a day to only a couple of squares of dark chocolate for a few days. I have lost two pounds as a result. It is too early to say if it’s going to last long term but I am hopeful.

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