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Aerobics for Overall Weight Loss

Aerobics for weight loss

Aerobics for Weight Loss

Aerobic exercises for weight loss have been around for a long time; they are a tried and tested method that has been known to produce results. Essentially, aerobics focuses on your cardio – exercising at the heart rate that aerobic exercise produces leads to you burning fat sources in your body and thus losing weight.

Technically, aerobic exercises are those that get you exercising at a rate where you will be performing ‘aerobic respiration’ and include things like walking, jogging, cycling, or special aerobic exercises as recommended by a gym, specialist or teach-yourself DVD at home.

What benefits will you see from aerobics for weight loss? Because you are increasing your cardio and burning fat, you will see overall weight loss. This means that you should lose weight generally from all parts of your body rather than just one specific area. Furthermore you should see your energy levels improve as aerobic exercise will loosen up your body and get all your bits working more effectively together.

Of course, you’ll also see increased organ efficiency, especially the heart and lungs. Therefore it is harder for you to get out of breath from exercising. If you haven’t really done much exercise before, aerobic exercises for weight loss might be a good way to initially improve your fitness level before starting on a major regime since aerobics doesn’t actually take that much effort. Finally, you should also see a reduction in your blood pressure – something every doctor and nurse will recommend as it reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke.

If you want to try aerobics for weight loss there are plenty of ways you can go about it to fit in with all lifestyles and all budgets. If you want to get out of the house, would like to be part of a group, or need that extra bit of motivation, then a locally organised group session would be perfect for you. There will be plenty in your area – some at the local gym, others at town halls and similar venues. Here you can meet with people with the same goals as you and be guided by an instructed as to what exercises to perform. If you don’t feel the need to join a group or want to keep costs to a minimum, then there are plenty of aerobic exercises for weight loss help books out there for you to read. It is even better if you can get hold of a DVD about aerobic exercises for overall weight loss as it’s easier to follow techniques when you can see them on a screen and move along in time to the music.

Our recommendations for good aerobics exercises are taking a few brisk walks around the local area, but you have to keep the exercise continuous for overall weight loss – stopping for a period of time and then carrying on doesn’t quite cut it. If you don’t fancy this then skipping is another good idea, or even just putting on some loud music in your living room and dancing around to it!

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  • Meenu March 22, 2011, 2:00 am


    I would like to know all possible aerobic techniques used free hand (that is without gym ball or other equipment) for rapid fast weight loss and fat shed over belly, butt, hip, and shoulder muscles…assist me…


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