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Alice and Her Weight Loss Story

weight loss story
Here is our first weight loss success story submitted by one of our visitors. Alice, from London, has chosen to write us after she saw our “Share Your Weight Loss Experience” page. She wanted to share her success and encourage other weight loss seekers. Here is her story:

“I can empathise with anybody who wants to lose weight because I know how difficult it is to first get it off, and second, keep it off. I spent years with my weight yo-yoing and all it did was make me more and more upset with every pound lost and then put back on again. My lowest point came two years ago when I went to a party organised by one of my friends. After failing to fit into my size 16 dress I was already feeling very self conscious and embarrassed about my weight so put on some rather unflattering clothing; a knitted jumper that was baggy enough not to show off my body. But I went to the party anyway and tried to put a brave face on. At the party it all seemed to be going well and I began to forget about my weight. However, after a few drinks the conversations began to turn a little bit nasty and most of the cruel jokes were directed towards me and my weight. It was non-stop and I left the party in tears; unable to face the comments any longer. My self confidence was completely shattered, I didn’t leave the house for any social events for a couple of months and I began to comfort eat which, of course, did no good whatsoever.

The turning point came when I received a leaflet through the door about a slimming club that was opening up in the village. I wasn’t going to go at first, but a workmate asked if I’d accompany them so I couldn’t refuse. It was the best decision of my life. The group gave me a structure to follow and tips on how to eat tasty food that is healthy. I thought I’d give it a go and went back the week later to see what the effect was on my weight and, to my surprise, I’d lost 4lbs! The best thing was the encouragement that I got from the rest of the group; the clapping may seem a bit corny but when you need lifting up to lose weight then the glowing feeling you get is priceless. As the weeks continued and I continued to shed the weight my confidence began to rise and, although I had a couple of setbacks along the way, the group kept me going and now that I’m a size 12, I need no more encouragement and am a new woman!”

Submitted by: Alice aged 32, from London.

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  • Misbah October 2, 2011, 7:36 pm

    Wow, Alice ! That’s amazing ! It really helped ! Im considering losing weight as i am a size 16 and seeing you lose weight is just pure amazing ! Its so inspiring, you are a real role model

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