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Always Include Dessert in Your Diet

healthy diet dessert
When we diet we tend to think that we shouldn’t eat dessert. The reason for this is relatively straightforward – our minds have been taught to believe that when we eat dessert, even if it’s a diet dessert, we will put on weight. You can try this yourself; when you think about dessert I can guarantee that the first thing to cross your mind is sugary foods. You’ll be thinking of pastries and cakes and biscuits; all the forbidden delicacies that we aren’t allowed and that we have forced ourselves to strike out of our diets and the mere thought of having a pudding sends shivers down our spine.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. To miss out on a dessert is essentially meaning that you are missing out on an extra meal and every meal has benefits in terms of giving you nutrients and vitamins that you won’t get anywhere else. Even before we start thinking about healthy desserts we must assess the benefits that come with even the naughty desserts. Our bodies need sugar.

One of the big myths about weight loss is that we must cut all sugar out of our diets if we want to lose weight, yet we need sugar to give us energy. Although excess sugar will give excess energy which will be converted to fat, we still need sugar and we get this through desserts. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we can eat desserts that are sugary every day – of course you won’t lose weight that way. However, the occasional dessert – in moderation – will not do any harm and can even help to prevent any cravings you may have.

There are also healthy desserts (call them diet desserts if you will!) that can be eaten instead of the stodgy ones. These have half the calories but just as much flavour and are just as satisfying a way to finish the meal off.

Diet Dessert – Jelly and Fruits
jelly with fruitsFor example, not many people think about a jelly as a pudding but they are great ways to have a tasty dessert without the calories. You can put an assortment of fruits into the jelly mixture to add flavour and texture which can make the jelly feel more substantial. The best way to do this is to buy frozen fruit and put that into the mixture – it helps to cool the telly mixture and can ensure that the fruits don’t go off because of the heat – perfect!

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