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Are HCG Drops Safe?

woman taking hcg drops

Woman taking HCG drops.

If you’re worried about the safety of HCG weight loss drops then read on, as we’ll try and give you some more information about them here. HCG in itself is generally regarded as being safe if administered in the correct doses as it is a hormone produced naturally in the human body by pregnant women. The drops are synthesised from purely naturally sources.

A big part of the HCG drops for weight loss is that they follow a diet that involves consuming 500 calories a day. Whilst the drops themselves are considered safe, this part of the diet is dangerous as, for example, women should never consume less than 1200 calories per day.

However, a lot of websites claiming to sell HCG drops or homeopathic HCG drops may not actually be selling you HCG. They could be selling you nearly anything that is cheap for them to produce. In particular, the case of homeopathic HCG drops are synthesised with little trace of HCG in them!

If you are interested in buying HCG drops you should speak to your doctor who can recommend a reliable source for them, and help you discuss whether or not they are suitable for you. However if you do want to buy them online then there are a few ways to try and help you work out whether what you’re buying is safe or not.

First up, check whether there is a reputable doctor listed as the owner of the website. A simple Google search of the doctor’s name found on the website will be able to tell you whether s/he is legitimate or not.

You should then test out their customer support facilities; get in touch with them preferably by telephone to have a chat with them and see what they are like on the phone. If they are overly pushy in trying to sell you the drops then they are best avoided.

Finally, whilst it is not a strict requirement that they have any ‘after sales’ support, you can check to see if, for example, their forum is staffed by appropriately-qualified people or just the general public. If you have the choice between a website with a forum where everyone can contribute, and a dedicated phone line with trained staff on the other end then it is definitely advisable to choose the latter.

As a conclusion we are no fans of HCG drops or any other supplements like HCG injections. However, we felt that we need to cover this subject as this is a controversial subject and our readers need to be informed about it. At WLT we only encourage natural weight loss!

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