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Are High Protein Diets Endangering Colon Health?

High protein foods

High Protein Foods

A lot of diets are low in carbohydrates and high in protein, to aid weight loss whilst stimulating your muscles. However, recent research has shown that high protein diets may damage the health of your colon – something which you will obviously want to avoid. Before you start panicking though, there are a few points to make which might damage the credibility of the study. If you still want to try and avoid the potential risk, we’ll explain how to decrease the risk from the high protein by supplementing your diet with other foodstuffs.

The study was carried out in the UK on 17 obese men, where the researchers found that these high protein diets provoked changes to their systems that could worsen the colon health, with a possibility of heightened risk of colon cancer. The first thing you should notice is that the study was only carried out on 17 men, and therefore isn’t as statistically valid as larger studies – we will have to wait for this to be carried out on a much larger scale before we know for sure. The second point is that the researchers aren’t reporting any direct evidence between the high protein diet and colon cancer, they are currently only saying that it could contribute towards this cancer.

Following on from the previous paragraph, the risks of having large weight levels are high – your health seriously worsens as you become a candidate for diabetes, heart disease, strokes and various cancers. For people who are substantially overweight, the risk of colon cancer should be outweighed by the huge benefits of losing a significant amount of weight. Being overweight can be a contributory factor to colon cancer too, so perhaps losing weight by following a high protein diet will cancel the two effects out!

One way to prevent the harmful effects to your colon from a high protein diet is by ensuring you include lots of fibre in your diet. In most modern, sensible diets fibre content is taken into consideration because of the positive benefits it can bring to your weight loss. It would also seem to bring positive effects to your colon and help you reduce the risk of colon cancer. The recommended daily amount of fibre for someone following a standard diet is 28 grams, but it may be best to increase this to offset your diet which contains a high amount of proteins.

Almost any diet has its pros and cons. What you have to do is weigh them carefully and choose which one suits you best. As a rule of thumb it’s not good to overdue anything. Find your balance and switch or pause a diet when you feel that your body has had enough of it. However, the best diets are those that aim long term changes and impose complete lifestyle changes!

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