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Are There Ab Belts That Work?

man using an ab belt while playing console games

Man using an ab belt while playing console games.

An ab belt (abdominal belt) is actually an electronic muscle stimulator designed to work out and tone the abdominal muscles without the need for rigorous and strenuous exercise. But what we all want to know is do these ab belts work? They certainly work in the area for which they were originally designed which is for use in the rehabilitation of medical patients, as they were used to prevent muscle wastage by keeping the muscles stimulated and active. However the premise of this medical equipment was quickly adopted by the health and fitness sector as a way of working out muscle without actual exercise. Many of the people who retail these ab belts also claim that they can be used to burn away fat, none of which has actually been backed up with any qualified research, so do ab belts work or not?

Using the Ab Belt with Exercise
If the ab belts were to work in the way that the television advertisements were to suggest then the voltage required to produce the advertised effects would need to be quite extreme. The ab belt would indeed pack a punch and such equipment would not be on general sale to the public as the required electrical pulses would be intensely painful, and yet there are those who are convinced that they have ab belts that work for them.

However if you do take the time to read all of the instructions and guidelines that are in the box with the ab toning belt it will tell you that the ab belts that work best are the ones where they are used in conjunction with an exercise routine and good nutrition. So it would appear that these ab toning belts could be a useful tool but not a solution in themselves.

Glowing Customer Reviews
Speak to many people who have tried one of these abdominal belts and they will likely tell you that they did feel ‘something’ happening when they used them, which of course they would, if nothing else they would feel the electrical current produced by the stimulators in the ab workout belts pads, and if they have never worked out those muscles before any stimulation provided by ab workout belts will produce some kind of noticeable effect.

Remember this is not some heavy duty ab machine; it is a small, lightweight belt for use at home so dramatic results would be very hard to achieve. As many happy customers will no doubt claim, using ab belts for weight loss work when they are used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, but not as a standalone method of weight loss. As a way of improving the look of the body, used as a contour belt an ab belt can offer some results if used consistently over a long period of time, but it is definitely not a quick fix. Don’t be fooled by the advertising, instead use your ab belt the same as the rest of your exercise equipment and work with everything together for the best possible results.

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    Is there a way i can workout while i sleep?

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