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Avoid Alcohol as Much as Possible

man avoiding alcohol
When you are trying to lose weight it is essential that you avoid alcohol. Everybody likes a drink every now and then but the main problem is that alcohol nurtures addiction. Not just in terms of drinking alcohol but also in preventing you from stopping other addictions. It is important to avoid alcohol so that you don’t fall back into the traps that led you to put on weight in the first place.

Take, for example, the nature of alcohol itself. Alcohol essentially consists of hops that have been left to ferment and, importantly, sugar. This process increases the net calorie intake of the beverage and means that each drink uses up a large proportion of your recommended daily calorie intake. If you are to drink upwards of 3 or 4 drinks then you are taking in more than the recommended allowance before even factoring in your daily meals. This is obviously going to contribute to you putting on weight. For this reason, avoiding alcohol is imperative to you losing weight; the last things you want are additional alcohol calories on top of food calories throughout the day.

If you avoid alcohol then you also avoid the temptation that comes with intoxication. If you are to imagine an average night out after drinking, it is likely that you would think of it ending with a greasy meal. No matter how much you try to avoid it the combination of peer pressure and alcohol results in you being in less control of your actions; obviously not a good thing if you are trying to be mentally strong during your weight loss! By avoiding alcohol, not only do you avoid the additional calories that alcohol puts into your body you avoid the risk of being tempted into breaking your regime.

Peer pressure at the pub can often lead to you falling into bad habits that jeopardise your attempts to lose weight. Many people have been pushed into smoking or eating unhealthily simply because when they get drunk they lose all control of their inhibitions. So many attempts to lose weight have been scuppered because of drink so it is essential that you avoid alcohol to ensure that you remain in complete control of your actions and do not ruin all your hard work! After all, you don’t need alcohol to have a good night out just as long as you are able to let your hair down a bit!

One more thing to keep in mind when it comes to alcohol abuse. It often happens that alcohol abuse, stress and lack of sleep lead to a major weight loss phase. This must be avoided by all means, because losing weight in this conditions is very dangerous for your health! It happens only when the human body fails to cope with the abuses and begins to crack down. Do not try such a weight loss procedure ever!

When it comes to alcohol consumption everyone that aims to lose weight should avoid alcohol as much as possible. People not involved in a weight loss diet can drink alcohol moderately, as long as they avoid the alcohol abuse episodes.

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