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Avoid Eating Bread During Your Dinner Meal

bread and weight loss

Bread and Weight Loss

Bread is fattening, most people looking for weight loss tips will know that, however it is essential to follow a balanced diet. One should never cut bread from a diet as it is an important source of carbohydrate intake. However it is very important to know how much bread to eat and when to do it. To minimise the negative impact which the bread you eat has on your weight loss goals, you need to follow certain steps. This will allow you to eat enough bread to provide your body with a balanced diet. One prominent tip is to think about when the bread is eaten during the day; this can really affect your weight loss performance.

When to eat bread?
To start with a positive, you can eat bread before a workout. The carbohydrate boost that the bread produces will actually aid you in your exercise and, hopefully, the calories lost by the workout will make up for the calories gained by eating the bread.
It is also OK to eat bread in the morning and at lunch time (although if possible you should limit your intake of bread at lunch slightly) as your body can properly deal with the bread during the course of the day.

Avoid bread during dinner!
This tip is very important; you must avoid bread during dinner if you are serious about losing weight. This is because if you have consumed bread in the evening, and are then going to go to bed to lie down and sleep, that bread isn’t going to properly pass through your digestive system – it will just sit there and turn to stodge in your system, meaning that you will put on weight.
Most people also don’t do any form of exercise between their evening meal and going to bed so the calories won’t be burnt off from eating bread, hence it is important to avoid bread during dinner. However, if you are to eat bread for breakfast, the calories probably will get burnt off during the day as you will be moving around being busy, whether this is commuting to work or cleaning the house for example.

How much bread to eat?
An individual which aims to lose weight should not eat more than 2 slices of bread during breakfast, 1 slice during lunch. As mentioned before, bread should not be eaten at all during dinner! These are general quantities for the average person. However if one day you have an intense physical activity during evening time, you can slip a slice of bread during your dinner, nobody will kill you for that as long as you don’t exaggerate!

What kind of bread to eat?
Below you can find a few bread categories. Nowadays you can find a few dozen types of bread in your local shop. However, you should learn to divide them in categories. For a weight loss diet and in general for a healthy diet you should avoid, white bread! Check more types of bread below:
White bread: This type of bread has a low amount of fiber and quite low amount of fat, but sadly it contains high quantities of salt. It is possibly the worst bread you can eat, from the nutritious point of view.
Wholemeal bread: this one provides a good amount of vitamins and minerals. It also has a high content of fibers. Although these values are only real if the bread is made from wholemeal flour.
Multigrain bread: provides a nutritional combination which is high in fiber and low in fat. Do pick a bread with as many seeds as possible. :)
Soy and Linseed bread: this aliment provides high quantities of fiber, protein and fat. Mind that this fat is good fat.

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