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Avoid Weighing Yourself Daily

woman weighing herself
We always seem to want to keep in our heads what our weight is. This can often result in us leaping on the scales at every opportunity to make sure that we can keep our weight in our heads and, hopefully, see that we have lost weight since we weighed ourselves a few hours before. However, this is an incredibly bad idea. Every time you weigh yourself you are looking for some kind of reassurance; you need to know that the hard work you are putting in is working. However, the majority of the time we do not see the results that we desire. We weigh ourselves and see that we have, in fact, put a pound on since this morning. This is obviously going to have a detrimental effect on your morale.

The problem is that your weight will naturally fluctuate as the day progresses. You may wake up in the morning and weigh yourself before doing anything else but that is not going to be a fair reflection of your weight and, after you’ve eaten a meal, your weight will increase. Similarly, weighing yourself at the same time every day isn’t always possible, so this weight fluctuation results in us gaining a false estimation of how much weight we should be losing. If, for example, one day you weigh yourself just after lunch, then the next day you weigh yourself just after you get up. Your weight is higher than average just after lunch because you have just eaten, but lower than average in the morning when your stomach is empty. This creates the appearance of a large weight loss in a day. If we then weigh ourselves after lunch the next day, we only have the appearance of a small amount of weight loss comparatively. If we do not think about our fluctuating weight it can make us feel as though we’ve done something wrong – making us feel worse about ourselves and less inclined to continue the diet. Over-regular weighing is therefore detrimental to your diet.

Also, if we weigh ourselves daily, we tend not to see large amounts of weight loss; perhaps only losing a pound every few days. This can leave us feeling demoralised and questioning the diet. Weighing ourselves every few days, however, means that we are seeing our weight loss spread over a few days. Therefore, we see a large amount of weight loss which makes all the effort put in feel more worthwhile.

Keep in mind this general weight loss tip, avoid weighing yourself daily! Create yourself a timetable and schedule your weighing sessions properly. One example could be weighing yourself weekly, every Monday morning, or every Friday night, before bedtime. This will offer you enough time to actually lose the weight and register the progress. The weighing result will only boost your confidence and encourage you for the weeks to come. If you don’t get the expected result, don’t give up, check if you did everything by the book and even reconsider your weight loss routine if needed.

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