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Avoid Weight Gain – Have Less Sauce on Food

unhealthy food sauces
The most difficult thing to do when you are losing weight is cut out all the little pleasures that make food taste so good. All those wonderful sauces that we use to cover our foods – our steaks or our fish – add something to the meal that we don’t think that we can replicate. And when we go to the restaurant, of course we’ll have the sauce on top; that’s how the French have their food and they really know how to make good food! There is no way that we can give up sauces when we can’t find an adequate solution to the food taste problem.

This is a line of thinking that so many people have and it is sorely misguided. The problem with sauces is the same as with many other foods that taste so good – the reason we love the taste is that it’s full of ‘forbidden’ things. The sauces are made using butter and oil and all sorts of delicious entities that do no good for our health. Food sauces are an important nourishment which contribute to weight gain more than you can imagine. What we need is to be able to create the same taste with a fraction of the calories.

Ok, this looks like an impossible task, we’ve tried and failed many times to have steak without the sauce and it just tastes rotten, no flavour and very dry. It just doesn’t taste right and we don’t like it. However, there is another way. To solve the issue of taste, we can use herbs and spices to give us a bit of flavour and to use as a substitute to those sinful sauces.

A quick search in a cookbook or on the internet can tell you how much to use to get the flavour just right, although you may also want to experiment and see what tastes good. What is also good is that the herbs are much healthier than the sauces – particularly if you buy them fresh; grow coriander for example – and also much cheaper. Even buying dried herbs and spices is much less dear than buying the ingredients needed for a good sauce. And in this recession we can’t afford to spend more than we need to.

I know it’s difficult and everywhere we turn it seems as though there is someone willing use to eat the food sauces. But believe me; it’s really not worth it. For the sake of your diet, make sure you use herbs and spices, not sauces. This will help you not to gain any additional weight and will also not interfere with your weight loss diet.

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