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Avoid Weight Loss Surgeries – Lose Weight Naturally

avoid weight loss surgery
When we look in magazines we see tons of celebrities who all look stunning – it is as though they are all perfect and immediately we start thinking about how we could ever get to that standard. We set ourselves an impossibly high target that we have no chance of ever achieving. No amount of dieting or exercising will give us the look that we crave because, let’s face it, it is an impossible target which we can only achieve through surgery; how else do the majority of stars stay looking so good well into an age when they should be wrinkly!

The main issue, however, is that they give you a negative self image which can seriously affect your self confidence. But this doesn’t have to be that case and it is essential that you avoid weight loss surgeries at all costs.

The reason why weight loss surgeries are not recommended is that it is too much of an easy way out. The main reason why people find it difficult to keep weight off is that they are unable to change their habits and so fall back into bad ways once they have lost the weight. The snacking, and the food that is snacked on, needs to be changed and stopped in order to keep the weight off and this only happens through natural dieting – you learn to control your cravings. If you resort to weight loss surgery then this process is essentially skipped over and you are much more likely to put the weight back on after liposuction than you are after dieting. This is why you must avoid weight loss surgeries; they will not get to the root of the problem!

Also, other weight loss surgeries are not recommended. An abdominoplasty or ‘tummy tuck’ is one such method that should be avoided. The fitting of a gastric band may sound like a good idea on paper but in actual fact it can have serious health repercussions. It essentially restricts your eating which means that you get full sooner. If, however, you aren’t eating the right foods (again, this links in with not solving the problems of cravings) then you can have serious nutrient deficiencies.

It is also worth noting that in various surveys, between 65-80% of people who have had surgery feel dissatisfied; a factor which results in a domino effect of more surgery etc; not a good cycle to get yourself into.

A weight loss surgery might be the proper solution when the patient is seriously overweight and his life might be endangered if an immediate intervention is not operated. As an example for this situation is the famous Jose Armando Maradona. The former football star and current coach of the Argentinian national team, was severely obese. He needed an immediate surgery which saved his life. However, such surgeries should not be compared with the cosmetic weight loss surgery.

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