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Be Fit and Slim At Any Age

fit and slim people

Fit and Slim People

Your fitness is important. In fact, it should be the number one thing you are concerned about throughout your whole life; no matter what ailments you eat, you should do whatever you can to maximise and maintain your fitness. A big part of this is watching your weight. A fit and slim body ensures that the quality of your life stays high from your teens until long after you retire. The fitter you are the higher chances you have to remain healthy and preserve your lust of living until the latest stages of your life.

How Your Body Changes
As you get older, muscle degeneration occurs and it becomes much easier to put on weight, and much harder to lose it. This may seem like a bad thing but it’s really not; it should motivate you into looking after your weight and fitness right now – it’s only going to be harder in the future!

You will also notice a difference in your metabolism as you grow older. Studies have shown that our metabolism slows by up to 5% for every decade we live after the age of 30. There are many articles on our website that discuss metabolism and what things you can do to improve your metabolic rate.

Finding Time
With age we also have more responsibilities in our lives; we have families, careers and other commitments. It can often seem hard to fit in exercise even though we know we should do it. A lot of people mistake this for a lack of motivation but this isn’t the case; you do want to exercise, you just can’t beat your mind into allowing you to do it.

Luckily there’s a relatively simple way to overcome this. If you don’t give your mind a choice about the exercise regime then it will accept the fact and won’t put up a fight. One good way to do this is to put it into your diary at a particular time, for example “11.00-11.45: Exercise at the gym”. This is what you do for a meeting, and your brain doesn’t reject that even though you don’t want to go, does it? Another clever mind trick to play is to get straight up and exercise before doing anything else. This way your mind won’t even realise what’s happening until it has properly woken up!

30 – Do What You Enjoy
You might be scared when you get to 30, but you’ve still got your whole life ahead of you. The best bit is that you’re still fit enough to do the exercise that you’ve always done, or always wanted to do. Remember that plenty of professional sportspeople carry on with their sport in their late 30s.

You should use your years 30-39 to focus on exercise as this might just be your last chance to do some serious work on your cardio and muscles. However, it is still important to ensure you eat healthy and watch your weight, no matter how much exercise you’re doing and stay fit in your 30s.

40 – Keep Up Your Routine
Your 40s can be a real challenge as your life is full of pressures from a huge number of sources, and you’ll find that weight piles on yet it’s more and more difficult to get rid of. To counter this you need to make sure you’re getting the right work-life balance, particularly leaving plenty of time for sleep. Dare to remain fit in your 40s.

In terms of your diet, you should try and increase your fresh fruit and vegetable intake. You should also engage in resistance training to help maintain your muscle mass and stop it turning in to fat.

50 – Plan for the Future
When you’re in your 50s you should really focus on eating the correct things to keep your health in shape. It’s getting even harder to look after your weight so it’s important to keep exercising, but you need to change your exercise style.

You should be looking for low-impact ways of exercising, such as walking or swimming, so that you don’t develop problems with your joints. You also need to be wary of any signals your body is giving you and know when to stop. Read more about working out in your 50s.

60 – Look After Yourself and Have Fun
Hopefully you’ll be reaching retirement by now, which means you’ll have plenty of time to get stuck in with looking after yourself. You should be starting to be more concerned about your body, and realise your limitations.

This doesn’t mean you should stay indoors though! Local swimming baths and leisure centres are excellent places to find resistance or aerobics classes, and swimming can be an enjoyable activity that really improves your cardio. Try and team up with a group of people with similar goals and you can help each other along the journey. Do train in your 60s and beyond!

Fitness at Any Age
We’ve picked out what sort of things you should be doing at certain ages, but these are just general comments. If you want specific advice then you should see your doctor or a trainer at the gym. They’ll usually be able to recommend some exercises that will allow you to achieve the things you want to achieve and will hopefully be fun at the same time. Enjoy!

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