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Best Acupressure Points For Weight Loss

Acupressure for weight loss

Acupressure for Weight Loss

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese science where the belief is that placing pressure on different parts of the body can lead to different effects. Some acupressure points can stimulate weight loss, making it a credible alternative to some traditional weight loss methods.
Some of the best acupressure weight loss points are the ear lobe, knee and shin. However, there are many other more specific weight loss points that someone trained in acupressure would be able to identify for you. Each of these pressure points don’t actually make your fat levels drop instantly, but they do offer indirect ways to reduce weight gain.

Finding the acupressure point on the ear lobe will help reduce temptation. The actual job of the ear lobe acupressure point is that it stimulates appetite suppression within your body, thus making you feel less hungry and hopefully lose weight. Next, the knee. The knee acupressure point helps reduce water retention. Since water makes up such a huge part of our body, stimulating this point to reduce the amount of water we retain will help us lose some ‘water weight’. Finally, the acupressure point near the shin bone can affect our digestive tract. Stimulating this acupressure point helps increase the efficiency of your digestive system resulting in you getting more nutrients out of the same amount of food.

If you’re considered acupressure for weight loss, it is definitely worth talking to an acupressure specialist as they will know exactly where each point is located, and they will know countless more acupressure points that can affect different energies in your body, for example stress. Whilst this may not seem worthwhile to those considering weight loss, you might actually find that stress is the root cause of your weight loss and it is therefore worth trying to reduce through acupressure. If you have medical conditions too then you should seek advice from a specialist as there are some areas that shouldn’t be stimulated under certain conditions, if you’re pregnant for example.

People report different results from following acupressure weight loss plans, but whatever good it does for you it shouldn’t be used as a full replacement for diet and exercise. These two things are the keys to weight loss and so you should treat acupressure for weight loss as a supplement to everything you’re already doing.

Finally, there’s not only weight loss benefits to be had from acupressure weight loss therapy. You can also ask your specialist to help you out with any other areas of your life you’re struggling with, for example anxiety or depression. With literally hundreds of acupressure points on the body, as defined by traditional Chinese practices, you will be able to find a solution to almost any problem here.

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  • r c dohare April 20, 2011, 1:50 pm

    Hello, The article mention many point 1. ear lobe, 2. knee 3. shin how i can know exact location on lobe, exact location on knee, where is shin. if it mention with figure would be useful to us. thank you for information

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