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Best Chinese Weight Loss Soups

Chinese weight loss soups

Chinese Weight Loss Soups

Chinese soups are completely different to the soups we eat in the UK and are a really fun experience for trying out – they even help you lose weight too. The difference between the soups we eat and Chinese soups is that the Asian soups are very watery, with lumps of solid food thrown in and rice or noodles used to add substance to the soup.

Because they don’t have a thick substance to them like our soups, Chinese soups are great for weight loss. We’ve chosen our five favourite Chinese soup recipes that you can use to help yourself lose weight and listed them below. The beauty behind these recipes is that you can throw almost anything in them without the need to weigh anything! You can experiment and find your perfect Chinese weight loss soup.

The Vegetable Stock
For all these recipes, you need to make yourself a standard vegetable stock to put all the ingredients in. The best and most basic one of these is made from the following:
1 Onion
1 Carrot
2 Stalks of Celery
2 Tomatoes
A handful of Chinese Mushrooms
1 tsp of Fennel
3l of Water

Simply prepare all the vegetables by washing and cutting them, and then put them in a big pan. Put your water in the pan with the vegetables and let it boil (use a high heat on the cooker and no lid on the pan). Once it’s boiling, lower the heat and leave the pan for 40 minutes, then strain the stock to remove all the vegetable lumps from it.

Now that you’ve got your vegetable stock you can start cooking the Chinese weight loss soup recipes below. Just add in the ingredients listed to your stock.

1. Kelp and Bean Sprout Soup
Kelp and bean sprout soup is made by cooking kelp, bean sprouts, carrots and tomatoes and placing them in the vegetable stock you’ve just made. How you cook them depends on your personal preference, for example do you prefer raw carrots or soft ones? Kelp (seaweed) can be cooked in the same way as your other vegetables; steamed or boiled to taste. You can choose to add either rice or noodles to this dish.

A particular weight loss benefit of kelp is that it helps to neutralise some toxins in your stomach making you feel better in yourself and reducing those cravings for comfort foods.

2. Winter Melon Soup with Lotus Leaf
This is a very special Chinese soup recipe, and you may need to look in specialist Chinese shops for Winter Melon and Lotus Leaf.

Once you’ve found your two ingredients, cook them (boiling is the best way to do this) and add them to your vegetable stock in equal quantities. This soup is best served with rice as it will complement the comparably sweet flavour of the melon.

Winter Melon is a Chinese weight loss super-food as it controls some of the glands in your stomach and causing them to release fewer chemicals, making you less hungry and ultimately eating less food.

3. Quick Vegetable Noodles
This is a great Chinese weight loss soup to make if you’ve got lots of spare vegetables around the house and you don’t know what to do with them – they can all go in this soup!

First, grab your noodles and boil them in a pan. When they are almost ready, crack an egg into it, and add your vegetables. Then, when everything looks done, simply drain the water and egg off the noodles and vegetables and add them to your vegetable stock.

You should be aiming for a ratio of vegetables to noodles of about 2:1 or higher, i.e. you should have twice as much vegetable as noodle for maximum weight loss benefit.

4. Cabbage Soup with Onions and Carrots
We’ve featured cabbage and onion weight loss soup recipes before but this one takes it to a new level. Cabbage is another weight loss super-food and has a huge array of benefits.

To make this Chinese weight loss soup, boil your cabbage, onions and carrots until they are at a texture you like, and them put them in your hot vegetable stock. Serve over noodles or rice depending on preference. A very easy recipe for a flavoursome soup.

5. Spicy Vegetable Soup
Curry isn’t the best thing to eat when you’re dieting, but a spicy vegetable soup can hopefully satisfy your spice department.

To cook this you need to add some Indian curry powder to your original vegetable stock to give it some oomph. Then, cook lots of vegetables such as peppers, chillies and eggplants to taste and add them to the soup.

When finished, serve over rice similar to how you would a curry.

Our Chinese Weight Loss Soup Tips
1. Only add natural products to your soups – nothing man-made.
2. Keep a high vegetable-to-noodle/rice ratio.
3. Feel free to use natural seasonings to enhance the flavour.

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