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Best Weight Loss Holiday Locations

Best weight loss holiday location

Six Senses Sanctuary - Best weight loss holiday location

A change of scenery is always good for your mental well being and so it is important to take regular holidays. However, these holidays may also serve the purpose of helping you lose weight as they give you a chance to get away from your same old surroundings which serve as a constant reminder of your weight loss struggle. So, what turns a regular holiday into a weight loss holiday? The answer is a combination of the right weather, fitness activities to choose from and, importantly, the menus at the hotel you’re staying at.

The weather will motivate you to get outside and explore your surroundings, this will inevitably mean walking around the local area, which in itself is a good form of fitness for weight loss. No one can say that the best weight loss holiday for you has a certain temperature; instead you should choose somewhere that has a climate that you would be very comfortable walking in briskly. For example, fair skinned people would want to avoid the Mediterranean as it might be too much for them to exercise in. Water sports are good to do for a weight loss holiday if you like that sort of thing, so look for somewhere near the sea or a lake so you can get involved. Finally, for the best weight loss holiday, make sure you choose a hotel that promises plenty of different types of food on their menu so that you can choose a different food every day that matches your diet.

For those of you wondering which are the best weight loss holiday locations, I have come up with a few recommendations!

The Lake of Annecy, France – this huge natural lake was formed 19,000 years ago but the melting of glaciers and is almost 3000 square kilometers in area now. Water sports in the area are very good, with a wide variety of things to try your hand at. However, don’t expect it to be cheap as you’re in one of the top holiday destinations in the world.

Six Senses Sanctuary, Thailand – if you’re looking for a package that is completely dedicated to giving you the best weight loss holiday, then the Six Sense Sanctuary in Thailand is one of the best you can get. It’s a very luxurious set up, in beautiful Thailand and the package includes private consultation on your health, 80 minute spa treatments every day, fitness and nutritional consultations, spa cuisine and much more.

The above holiday locations for losing weight are not cheap at all, however many agree that they are wort the price. For example, a one week holiday, with flight and all taxes included, at the Six Senses Sanctuary in Phuket can cost up to £4000, per person. That price is obviously not for everybody. Don’t despair though, there are many other beautiful locations at affordable prices too. For example, you can always book a great weight loss holiday, visit the Balearic Islands and relax in Mallorca, within the £2000 pounds border for a two-week vacation.

Watch the following video, if you are curious to find out more about the Six Senses Sanctuary. View a detailed presentation of this excellent weight loss holiday location:

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