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Blue aids Weight Loss

blue aids weight loss

Stare at lovely Laura and you'll eat less! (Click the image to enhance it.)

Feast your eyes with something blue every time you feel hungry and you should end up eating less and losing weight. A research conducted by behavioral optometrists from Colorado reached the conclusion that, eating while looking at something from the blue color spectrum, triggers a subconscious association with that food being less appetizing. This way you will suppress your appetite and eat up to 33% less calories during lunch!

The blue color rarely occurs in the natural world. So feasting your eyes with blue shades will make your brain trigger warning signals in your body and your lust of lunching will disappear. But there is more to the subject. Images of loveliness also prevent yourself from overeating. The ‘new England Journal of Medicine’ conducted a study that proves that people surrounded by healthy and normal weight looking people have a 57% less likelihood of obesity.

This means that starring at lovely Laura will significantly reduce your risk of getting overweight and event help you out to lose those extra pounds. Click the image at the top of the post to enhance it and you will be flooded with blue shades and and image of loveliness to keep your hunger at bay! ;)

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