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Brenda Loses Weight after Pregnancy

woman and her baby
Brenda is a 29-year-old mother from Los Angeles, California. She managed to return to her original weight after her first pregnancy. Read her weight loss story and get inspired by her success:

When you are my age, having a baby is the happiest moment of your life. Holding your new born child in your arms and seeing them taking their first breaths brings you such amazing feelings it makes all the pain endured during those nine months worthwhile. The only problem is that, after having a baby in your stomach for so long and essentially eating for two for nine months, you put on a heck of a lot of weight and it isn’t particularly pleasing on the eye! You end up doing your utmost to avoid the mirror because you don’t look the same.

All my friends had babies before me (I found my man a bit later than them) and, as such, I had the privileged position of being able to see all the stages of the pregnancy and aftermath so I knew exactly what to expect. The only thing that I wanted to avoid was the trap that most of them had fallen into; not shifting the weight again. I was talking to a few of them about three months after the birth and the subject of weight loss came up. When I said that I was going to wait a little bit before starting a new regime (so that I could spend as much time as possible with the new born) I was met with a few startled looks. They all told me that this would not happen – they had started with the same good intentions but what hadn’t been factored in was the extra work you have to do once the child begins to grow up. It became even more impossible to get out and about and eventually they had resigned themselves to their new weights. I, however, was not content for this to happen so, with their advice still ringing in my ears, I decided to start weight loss immediately.

It was nothing intensive – not like you read about with all the superstars getting back down to size within weeks – and this suited me better. I’d never been one to force myself to exercise and, in any case, I had heard that losing weight quickly stops you being able to breastfeed and, at that time and looking back now, losing the ability to breastfeed would have hampered my bonding with my child; something I wouldn’t trade for the world. I started off slowly; going for a walk every day along the paths with my pram and baby. These were just leisurely strolls and were just as much about me getting out of the house as losing weight. Yet, a combination of this and eating the right foods meant that the weight began to slide off and I began to feel better than ever. This gradual weight loss suited me and, once I’d hired a nanny for a couple of days every week, I was able to go out for the odd jog too!

A year has passed and I am back to my original weight. My friends are all stunned but I’m very pleased – I’m a yummy mummy! :p

Submitted by: Brenda aged 29, from Los Angeles, California.

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