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Bright Light Nights Cause Weight Gain

london lights during night-time

Bright light nights cause weight gain

You shouldn’t sleep in a bright light ambiance, if you want to avoid weight gain! A research released today, by the Ohio State University, claims that people sleeping with lights on, risk to helter-skelter their metabolism and will end up gaining weight. We would have to thank Laura Fonken, lead author of the study, for this tip and of course to all the mice used for this research.

Several mice lived in identical environments. The only different was the lighting. They ate the same amount of food and lived in identical shaped locations. However according to Mrs. Fonken,

“the mice that lived with light at night were getting fatter than the others.”

It seems that weight gain is caused by the confusion of the metabolism. Because of continuous light, your body will start confusing night-time with day-time and you will end up eating at wrong times. As you might already know eating before sleep is not recommended. You might even wake up during the night and feel hungry!

Light during night-time is more and more present in the 21st century. Wight nights caused by the heavy street and building illumination are getting more and more common in huge metropolis like London, New York, Tokyo and mainly every big city of the world. But not only the outside light might disturb your metabolism. Staying up late on your computer or watching TV at night might have a similar effect!

To avoid gaining weight because of this night-time bright light issue you can follow these tips, which will surly improve your sleep. You should also supervise your metabolism. Eat at the optimal times even if you do not feel hungry. This will help you to keep your metabolism functioning properly and avoid weight gains.

“When we restricted their food intake to times when they would normally eat, we didn’t see the weight gain.”
“This further adds to the evidence that the timing of eating is critical to weight gain.”
(Dr. Laura Fonken)

Tip of the Day
Don’t sleep in a bright light environment because you risk ending up disturbing your metabolism and gaining weight!

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