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Calculate your BMI – Body Mass Index and Adjust Your Weight Loss Plan

bmi index comparison
The problem that many people have when they are looking at their weight is that there is a tendency to try and compare yourself with your friends. We always hear that certain people on television weigh only ‘x’ amount and, quite frankly, we feel rather inadequate at exceeding that amount. What we almost unanimously forget is that we must take our height into account when we are assessing whether or not we are overweight.

Look at it this way, if you are 6 ft tall and you are comparing your weight with somebody who is only 5 ft tall, then obviously you are going to be heavier. What we fail to grasp is that this does not make you overweight. You weigh more but then everything is a bit larger; all your organs, bones, muscles are larger because you are taller! Yet you are just as healthy as the other person.

It is essential, therefore, that we look at our body mass index as opposed to our raw weight in order to account for this height:weight ratio. By looking at our BMI, we are able to see how our body is shaping up; whether or not we are healthy in comparison to all of our peers, not just those who are of a similar height.

The advantage to the BMI index is that both your height and weight are assessed in order to create a quantity that lets you see if you are in the healthy weight range for your height category. It is much better to convert your weight into a BMI reading because then you really do have something to compare with other people, as you will no longer feel that you are overweight because you are comparing yourself to someone smaller than you.

If you wish to calculate your BMI, you need to plug all of your height and weight details into the BMI index formula.
BMI Formula
This is very straightforward; essentially, the formula works out to mean that you divide your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in metres.

Alternatively you can use imperial units.
BMI Index Formula
This is the BMI index formula using imperial units. In this case you multiply your weight in pounds by 703 and divide by the square of your height in inches.

With this BMI index formula you are able to create a quantity that will prevent you feeling as though you are overweight when, in fact, you are healthy.

Please check the following BMI index chart after you calculated your own index and analyze the results. Are you in the healthy weight interval or?
bmi index chart

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