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Can Fidgeting Really Lead to Weight Loss?

woman fidgeting

Woman fidgeting and losing weight.

It is a scientific fact that any movement burns calories. Fidgeting is movement, so it must burn calories. It has been scientifically proven that people who are fat spend a lot more hours sitting being immobile than people who are thin. However, the question has to be whether fat people are fat because they can’t move, or can’t the move because they are fat? The conclusion, however, seems to be that fidgeting makes a real difference and everybody is advised to observe spontaneous movements all around themselves, including your own. The link between fidgeting and weight loss is actually very clearly defined, through numerous scientific studies.

What Is Fidgeting?
People who are very restless and are unable to sit still fidget. It involves wiggling in their chairs, pacing when they are waiting for a bust, twisting and fiddling when they are queuing and so on. It is believed that constant fidgeting and the inability to sit still is actually a genetic predisposition. Some individuals are, quite literally, programmed to move all the time.

Does Fidgeting Really Lead to Weight Loss?
A study has taken place in which a number of subjects were studied for a period of 24 hours. The subjects were placed in a specific chamber, where they could do whatever they wanted. They were all given the same opportunities in terms of what they could do in the chamber (an exercise bike, a bed and so on), but results showed that people did not burn the same amount of calories. The difference between the top range (who burned 3,600 calories during a day) and the bottom range (who burned 1,300) turned out to be very high. The conclusion the scientists had to come to was that people who fidgeted rather than napping, sleeping, sitting or reading burnt a lot more calories. Fidgeting weight loss had been discovered! The amount of calories burned fidgeting was actually quite substantial.

Similar studies have been conducted into fidgeting and weight loss since and they all come to the same conclusion: fidgeting burns a lot of calories. In fact, someone who fidgets a lot should be able to burn 11 pounds of weight per year, if they fidget daily. Fidgeting calories, in other words, should not be taken lightly.

How to Use this to Your Advantage if You’re Not a Natural Fidgeter
If you want to get your finger in this calorie burning pie, have a think about how much sitting still you do. Fidgeting weight loss is very easy to achieve if you know a little bit of what you’re doing. The inactivity that is in your life is completely engineered by you, so you can break this cycle. Think for instance about:
• Getting up from your desk at least once an hour to have a walk and a stretch.
• Climb the stairs up and down whenever you are on the phone.
• Pace when you are queuing for public transportation.
• Park as far from the store as possible, forcing yourself to walk. This will also save you gas and stress.
• Take a walk after lunch instead of sitting down.
• If you are on the train, walk around as much as possible.
• If you work in an office, make sure you walk to the copier or fax as much as possible, rather than saving all your copying and faxing and do it once a day.
• Leave the elevators well alone and take the stairs instead. One step equals one calorie.
• Walk about during TV commercials

If you were not genetically programmed for constant fidgeting, there is nothing you can do to fidget subconsciously, but there is plenty you can do consciously to move more and burn those calories. Make yourself engage in fidgeting weight loss will follow automatically. Get slimming with fidgeting!

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