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Cardio for Full Body Weight Loss

cardio weight loss
The best way to lose weight is through exercise. In order to shift the excess fat that we have stored in our bodies, it needs converting back into energy. In order for this to occur, there must be an energy deficiency which forces the body to turn to its store of fat for its supply of energy. In essence, this means that the body must be using more energy than it is taking in from food and the best way to do this without dieting or eating less is to exercise. The body is going to take energy from a source closest to where it is needed which is why cardio for full body weight loss must be focussed on the whole body, not just in specific areas.

The main problem is trying to do cardio routines that cover as much of the body as possible. Many people have very busy schedules and do not have time to do lots of cardio for weight loss from specific parts of the body. It is fine to do cardio exercises that focus solely on the legs, or the arms, or the stomach, but in order to see the effects you have to do multiple repeats of these exercises for around 30 minutes each – if each exercise is only focussed on one part of the body then the amount of time it will take to achieve full body weight loss is going to dramatically increase (which can lead to a lack of motivation to continue and will eventually harm your weight loss attempts). It is therefore essential that cardio weight loss exercises are much wider reaching and focus on the whole body.

The best cardio for weight loss is, without a doubt, running which exercises both your lower and upper body and can be done either at the gym or at home. However, there are many other ways in which you can lose weight through cardiovascular exercises. Bike riding, for example, has the same benefits but is slightly less convenient in the sense that you need an additional piece of kit to do it! But in the same vein, rowing and circuit training will both provide full body weight loss but need a bit of additional preparation. Nonetheless, with a bit of thought and if you are willing to put the effort in, then you will feel the benefits of full body weight loss.

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  • Muscle Building Diets May 31, 2011, 2:53 am

    I heard that if you wanted a foolproof full body cardio workout, you need to do aerobics. Is that true? I don’t want to try it out because I know that if you stop doing aerobics, you’ll also gain weight.

  • Health Tips October 24, 2011, 3:24 pm

    Running is great aerobic exercise. But for me a great full body exercise as for as running goes is high intensity sprinting. Often, I don’t find the time to exercise or go the gym. When have a few minutes, sprinting for 15 minutes is all it takes to burn hundreds of calories. But if you do have time, jogging and running are great cardio exercises.

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