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Causes and Remedies for Water Retention

stages of water retention

Water retention can be caused by serious health problems, which should be analyzed and cured by a medical staff. In this article we analyze and provide remedies for water retention caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Water retention is more common for females. Women have more often water retention problems around their menstrual periods. Symptoms appear right before their period, include the uncomfortable ‘balloon’ like sensation, and some extra pounds.

Water retention also causes swellings in the leg and joint area. In more serious cases of water retention problems, both face and hands show signs of swelling. The retention of water can cause a weight gain of up to 9 pounds, within only 1-2 days. The severity of your water retention problem is determined by the amount of weight gain. If you add up to 4.5 pounds, it means that your problem is not to serious and your remedy is adopting a proper diet. Any weight increase which is over 4.5 pounds is a signal that your water retention might be caused by a renal or a heart disease. This requires immediate in depth medical examination!

Water Retention Remedies
Besides treating the cause from the medical point of view, you can adjust your diet and diminish water retention. Here are some great tips for avoiding water retention:
1. Eat Fruits
Fruits contain large amounts of potassium (bananas, cucumber, watermelon). Eat them in large quantities as potassium aids in fluid elimination.

2. Add Cabbage to your Diet
Cabbage is a natural diuretic. You can use cabbage in preparing salads and as a great ingredient for numerous type of sandwiches. Cabbage soup is also a good solution!

3. Low fat yogurts
Low fat yogurts are also recommended because they aid digestion and diminish water retention.

Tips for Avoiding Water Retention
– Avoid salt: Just avoid salt and any salty aliment: pickles, beer nuts, seeds, chips and so on. Salt promotes water retention.
– Do not wear tight clothing! You will feel uncomfortable, your blood circulation will affected and the retention of water is promoted.
– Avoid alcohol!
– Do not smoke!
– Eat small meals and adjust your diet accordingly. Eat 6 small meals per day, instead of 3 large ones.
– Quit junk food! Avoid fried foods, soda, avoid coffee in large quantities.
– Lose Stress! Stress can only amplify water retention. Make sure that you manage it (relax, meditate).
– Don’t be sedentary! Sport helps with the excess fluid removal.
– Mind your leg placement: avoid laying down with your legs crossed or with one leg above the other. This will prevent your joints from swelling even harder.

Drink water if you suffer from water retention!
This is a huge paradox. Many think that they should drink less water when suffering from water retention. This is totally wrong! The human body automatically starts to retain water when it’s dehydrated. This is a self-protection reaction. So, if you drink less water than needed, your body will trigger the self-protecting mechanism and you will end up with the opposite effect.

Water is an essential element for our body. It’s the one which dissolves and transports nutrients, aids digestion, helps with detoxification and regulates the metabolism. Water is a must have nourishment when you follow a weight loss diet. Never replace water with soda or any other similar drink!

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