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Cayenne Pepper Weight Loss

cayenne pepper weight loss
The cayenne pepper is a sub-tropical fruit that has been used throughout history as an additive to foods – one that adds a bit of spice to any meal. As a member of the capsicum family it is related to the well known (and well used) jalapeño pepper and, whilst not possessing the same levels of heat, it still packs a punch! The pepper can be used in a variety of meals and in a multitude of forms. It can be sliced, diced or even grated into an assortment of chillies and curries depending on the intensity or texture you are after. However, it is only recently that the cayenne pepper weight loss properties have been discovered.

The main effect of chilli peppers (not necessarily just the cayenne pepper) is that it stimulates the heat receptors in our mouth. This makes your body think that it is too hot so puts in place measures to cool the body back down. Such effects as sweating are a response (sweating has been cited as a cause of weight loss; the body is losing water which is the most plentiful thing in the body so is losing weight in that form). However, the main effect of the peppers is in their detoxification of the body (one of the ways of detox is, of course, through expulsion of toxins through sweating; the cayenne weight loss diet works using this method).

Anyone who has eaten a hot curry or a chilli will, of course, know that evacuation is on the cards soon after. This is a second way that cayenne pepper weight loss is achieved. The pepper speeds up your metabolism and, as such, your digestive system works quicker and you absorb nutrients much more efficiently from the food. The body then has no use for the food so it is expelled from the body (along with anything else that may have been languishing there). The expulsion of this waste ensures that there is no excess weight hanging around in your body; obviously, this will cause weight loss.

Cayenne pepper weight loss does, of course, have some side effects (potential of course). The main one is hunger. Because the body is always having waste expelled, there is little within the stomach to stimulate the receptors telling you that you are full. You therefore feel hungry at times. However, if you are able to resist this and the temptation to overeat, cayenne weight loss is easily obtainable with celebrities claiming to have lost as much as 21lbs in 2 weeks using the diet.

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