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Childhood Obesity – Break the Habit

Childhood Obesity. Break the habit! (video by The Precinct Studios)

Childhood obesity is sadly a continuous problem in the modern society. The boom of the fast-food industry is leading more and more people into the junk food trap. A poor diet associated with a sedentary lifestyle is the main factor of increased childhood obesity, in the 21st century.

England had an obesity prevalence of 13.7 per cent in 2003, compared to only 9.9 per cent in 1999, according to DailyMail.co.uk. One can only imagine that those numbers could easily reach 20.00 per cent in 2010.
US numbers are the highest and scariest in the same time, with over 35.00 per cent of overweight children in 2005. This should be compared with Britain’s alarming 25.00 percent in 2003. Check the below graph for more details:

overweight children statistics

Junk food is compared with narcotics and addiction with habit. The title ‘Break the Habit’ urges parents from all around the world to stop nourishing their children with fast-food.
The Australians who produced the above available TV commercial are intending to place this delicate problem into the flashlights. The commercial can be played in the above embedded YouTube video.

The TV commercial is highly controversial, with a supposed ‘junkie’ mother preparing a narcotics dose. Viewers are tempted to believe that the dose is destined for herself. However, when the drug is ready for administration, the mother faces her child, deceiving the audience and creating huge controversy. Finally both perform a greedy burger bite and the commercial ends with the message:

‘You wouldn’t inject your children with junk,
So why are you feeding it to them?’

Parents are target by this commercial. They should make an effort and change the lifestyle of the entire family if an obesity problem should ever appear among a family member. This is even more important when the overweight person is a child. To lose weight, improve his lifestyle and regain his self-esteem a child needs all the support he can get from his own parents.

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