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Cinch a Weight Loss Book promoting 4 Meals a Day

Cinch weight loss meals

Cinch Diet Weight Loss Meals

Getting a good weight loss book can be a big motivator to help you on along with your weight loss goals. However, picking up the wrong one may prevent you from reaching your goals. Everyone has different goals and everyone is different so what works for someone else probably won’t work for you. Here we review a new book that you might like to try; Cinch.

Cinch claims to help you “Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds and Lose Inches” and is written by ABC’s dietician; by Cynthia Sass. It has already hit the New York Times Bestseller’s List. One of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that it allows readers to “live a little” – you don’t have to count your calories, instead it focuses on eating four simple meals a day that are each put together, like a puzzle, with five simple pieces. (that’s right – no working out calories, grams, or even its a food’s ranking on the Glycemic Index!)

The first piece of the puzzle is getting fresh fruit and vegetables into each of the meals. Five portions are recommended daily but Cinch teaches you to get more than five portions in every single day. Fruit comes into your breakfast and snack meals, and vegetables come in the larger meals; lunch and dinner. Because these portion sizes can be judged by eye (you don’t need to get a weighing scales), you can even stick to your diet easily in restaurants.

Part two of the puzzle is that Cinch teaches you to get enough wholemeal foods into your diet that will give you energy throughout the day because of their slow-releasing properties. They will give you enough energy to feed you, but not enough to contribute to your fat cells. Even popcorn counts as a wholegrain! Protein makes up another part of Cinch’s programme so that muscle volume is kept whilst you lose weight, so as you don’t end up all flabby.

You do get some fat into your diet to keep you fuller longer and absorb more antioxidants, but this fat is plant fat so it is possible to think about it as “good fat”. This makes up part four of the puzzles. Finally, the fifth piece of the puzzle is the seasonings that you can use. It shows you how to use weight loss herbs and spices to add flavour to any dish with using any untoward flavourings.

Also included in Cinch is an option detox to help you lose weight fast, should you want to. Note though that this is only if you do want to see quick results rather than follow a long weight loss programme – it is by no way compulsory.

Finally, and perhaps the best bit, Cinch recommends we eat a small, compulsory portion of dark chocolate every day – this helps to reduce your cravings for sugar. It doesn’t get much better than this!

The Cinch Diet Weight Loss Meal Puzzle

Cinch Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Part 1 - Cinch fresh fruits and vegetables

Cinch wholemeal foods

Part 2 - Cinch wholemeal foods

Cinch lean protein

Part 3 - Cinch lean protein

Cinch good fat

Part 4 - Cinch good fat

Cinch seasonings

Part 5 - Cinch seasonings

Cinch Diet Meal Example

Cinch diet breakfast meal

Cinch Diet Breakfast Meal

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