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Contrave Weight Loss Drug Approved by the FDA

Contrave, a Controversial Weight Loss Drug

Contrave is supposed to boost metabolism while curbing appetite and cravings. This is the first diet pill in a decade, which was recommended for approval by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) panel. Contrave’s approval is a little surprising especially, after two other weight loss pills (Qnexa, Lorqess) where rejected earlier this year. It seems that this drug is less weight loss efficient, but also provides a lower number of side-effects.

Contrave is a mix of two existing drugs:
– an antidepressant drug (bupropion),
– a Anti-Addiction drug (naltrexone).

It seems that the bupropion-naltrexone combo decreases ones sense of hunger and increases your ability to fill full. This weight loss pill also increases your ability to burn extra calories. However, Contrave’s weight loss efficiency seems questionable! The FDA panel has labeled it as ‘not very effective’. They have two validation standards. The first level is attained when a diet pill produces at least a 5% weight loss from ones total body weight, compared to a standard placebo pill. Contrave has failed to clear this standard! The 2nd level requires that at least 30% of the subjects involved in a trial lose at least 5% from their total body weight and Contrave managed to achieve this goal.

Contrave Side Effects
– Raised Blood Pressure
– Dizziness
– Insomnia

The side-effects of a weight loss pill are the biggest concern for the medical community. The most concerning side effect caused by this drug is that it increases blood pressure, and this is very bad news, especially for obese people, which tend to suffer from high blood pressure because of their overweight condition. This particular side effect made officials predict that Contrave would be rejected by the FDA.

According to Dr. Richard Besser, weight loss brings the blood pressure down, but it seems that it’s not the case with this drug. More, the Contrave trial did not include any individual with heart disease problems. It’s almost certain that people suffering from heart problems will be banned from using Contrave. Considering that many obese individuals, individuals targeted by the Contrave weight loss pill, suffer from high blood pressure, results that there will be a lot of people kept away from the bupropion/naltrexone mix.

Weight Loss Pills: Alli vs Contrave
Alli is a weight loss drug that decreases the fat absorption, while Contrave is a weight loss pill that increases the rate you burn calories!

Contrave Approval Status
Orexigen’s weight loss drug has received the approval status from the FDA advisory committees. The FDA will decide whether to approve the pill or not, by January 31. However, the agency is not forced to follow the advice of the advisory committees, but it often does. We will keep you in touch with the final decision!

Contrave weight loss drug

Contrave weight loss drug

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