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Crazy and Inefficient Weight Loss Products

caffeinated leggings

Caffeinated Leggings - An Inefficient Weight Loss Product

There is a lot of money to be made selling weight loss products so naturally there are a few rogue products on the market that you will be tempted to buy but they won’t actually help you lose weight. It is usually products that claim they can help you get fit or lose weight without you having to do anything – always keep in your mind “no pain, no gain” to avoid weight loss product scams.

One example that sounds like a crazy weight loss product is caffeinated leggings. These are regular leggings that are infused with caffeine and claim to take 2 inches off your hips and 1 inch off your thighs just by wearing them for 3 weeks. Fortunately they don’t smell like coffee, but cost $50 (around £30). Caffeine acts as a metabolism accelerator, and a faster metabolism is known to aid weight loss but you only get this metabolic effect when you take caffeine into your body through eating or drinking it, and there is no scientific proof of it helping with weight loss when it is simply rubbed on your skin, which is what these caffeinated leggings do.

Furthermore, the fact that they claim to target specific parts of your body (your thighs and hips) is ludicrous because no weight loss technique can do this with absolute certainty. If you’re going to try caffeine weight loss, please avoid the caffeine leggings and stick with ingesting it.

Our other featured inefficient (and to be honest, downright crazy) weight loss product is the slimming capsule. The manufacturers claim that by spending 30mins inside you can burn up to 500 calories. If this is true, then you’ll burn a pound of fat every 3 and a half hours without doing anything. It works by heating your body up to over 180 degrees in order to accelerate your metabolism for the next 12 hours.

Whilst heat has been proven to temporarily increase your metabolic rate, it won’t affect is permanently. The metabolic rate we all have is with us from birth until death and we can’t alter this. This means the slimming capsule is another crazy weight loss product.

If you’re following a weight loss strategy, stay clear of products like these and any product that claims to help you lose weight without you doing anything difficult as it is most likely a money-making scam and you will be de-motivated due to lack of weight loss results.

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