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Crisps, Chips and Fizzy Drinks – Main Causes for Weight Gain

Chips and fizzy drinks

Avoid Chips and Fizzy Drinks

Okay, so you know which foods you should be eating to help weight loss, but do you know which foods you should definitely avoid? The top weight gain food and drinks are crisps, chips and fizzy drinks, and should be avoided at all costs if you want to control your weight.

Crisps are the worst culprit as eating a portion of them every day will result in you putting on approximately 1.69 pounds over the course of 4 years. Crisps are a big cause of weight gain because of how they are made – they are simply potatoes fried in oil, making a lot of saturated fat which leads to weight gain. Crisps are something we tend to just take out of the cupboard to eat when we are hungry, so if you’re looking for something to replace crisps with you should find something just as easy to take out of that cupboard. Fruit is a really good alternative to weight gain crisps and will add more variety to your diet – try new and exciting fruits to find your favourites!

Next up are chips. Similar to crisps, chips are a huge weight gain reason because they too are cooked in oil or fat. Over the course of 4 years, a portion of chips eaten every day will add 1.28 pounds to your weight. Chips are usually eaten with meals, but they can be replaced with other potato-based foods that do not cause weight gain, such as boiled new potatoes. Alternatively, if you really can’t break the habit of eating chips, then you could consider buying Tefal’s ActiFry (see our previous article on weight loss gadgets) as a reduced-fat way of making chips.

Finally we look at fizzy drinks. Drinking a portion of these every day will add 1 pound to your overall weight gain over 4 years. Fizzy drinks are a reason of weight gain because they contain a lot of sugar which easily increases your weight. In order to combat this, you can consider drinking diet fizzy drinks – these won’t cause significant weight gain but they do contain chemicals that might not be too good for your health. Instead, you should try and drink water or cordial. Whilst water might not instantly refresh you as much as a fizzy drink, it will hydrate you more in the long run. The bubbles in fizzy drinks merely give you the impression that you’re being hydrated, but in actual fact you’re not – stick with water!

Fizzy drinks are on the top of non-allowed drinks for athletes. And athletes are some of the people that care most about their weight. Did you know that boxers for example aren’t allowed to drink any kind of beverage, yet alone soda, excepting water at least 1 week before a fight?

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