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Dancing for Weight Loss

dancing for weight loss

Dancing for Weight Loss

Dancing is a fun thing lots of us do when we go out to clubs or parties, but we often forget that we can lose a high number of calories in doing so. This shows that exercise can be good fun and doesn’t have to be regimented or arduous. However, there are some important aspects that you need to take care off, if you aim to mix dancing and weight loss. Aspects like the amount of time that you spend dancing, the food that you eat and the alcohol that you drink while performing.

Where do people lose weight with dancing? Taking a ballroom dancing evening class will see you losing about 400 calories per hour if you’re going fast. Alternatively doing dancing classes in ballet, twist, jazz or tap can burn a similar amount, but slightly less – if you’re considering doing these evening classes then you should think about which of these dance styles you like the best as they all burn a similar number of calories per hour.

However, by far the best dancing and weight loss combination is dancing in a nightclub. The dancing style in here is vigorous as you’ll be jumping up and down to different tunes all the time. You won’t even feel like you’re dancing for weight loss as you’ll be participating in a huge crowd of people that are doing the exact same thing as you and they will spur you on. Dancing in a nightclub can burn in excess of 500 calories per hour if you’re willing to put the effort in. Changing direction, speeds, and dance moves will all help you burn more calories.

Dancing at weddings and other similar events will have a similar effect to nightclub dancing, but probably won’t burn quite as many calories. This is because you won’t be hitting the dance moves so hard but it should still burn at least a similar number of calories as ballroom dancing.

If you’re trying to lose weight at parties it is very important to watch your alcohol intake. Alcohol contains lots of calories, and usually goes hand in hand with nightclubs and parties. The last thing you want to do is set off to a party intending to burn calories and lose weight only to find that you have gained calories by drinking strong alcoholic concoctions! Discipline your party eating habits and dance to lose weight!

Dancing weight loss tip
To optimize your losing weight results avoid to over-party. Dancing helps, but it can also harm your progress if you party until the dawn and mess up your next day’s schedule.

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