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Diet and Diabetes

diet and diabetes

Diet and Diabetes

Although the treatment for type 1 and type 2 diabetes differs, the diet for diabetes sufferers is pretty much the same. The key to managing diabetes is controlling what and how much you eat. Fortunately this doesn’t mean you have to cut out all of your favourite foods, but it does mean eating more healthily. A diabetic’s nutritional needs are pretty much the same as an average person’s and due to this the principles of healthy eating are the same.

Why is Healthy Eating for Diabetes so Important?
Obesity is linked to a number of conditions. Among them are type 2 diabetes, hypertension and an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. For this reason it is important for people who are already suffering from diabetes to follow a diabetes diet. A good diet for diabetes helps to control the condition as well as helping to keep the blood pressure at a normal level and reducing the risk of heart disease.

People suffering from pre-diabetes (the stage before full blown type 2 diabetes) are also advised to follow a pre diabetic diet. In some cases a pre diabetes diet can prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes altogether.

What You Need to Know about Diet and Diabetes
A diabetes diet is concerned with three main things:
• What you eat
• When you eat
• How much you eat

A good diet for diabetes will include a minimal amount of sugary drinks, refined carbs, alcohol and unhealthy fats and instead include healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. A diabetic will also be taught about the importance of regular meal times as these can help to keep your blood sugar level constant and avoid fluctuations. A good diet for diabetes will also include small portions – managing weight is a huge part of the condition and so it is important not to overeat.

Making Sure You Are Following a Good Diabetes Diet
If you are worried about your diabetes diet it is advisable to contact a dietician or be put in contact with one through your GP. A dietician can speak to you about diet and diabetes and help you to work out your calorie needs in relation to your lifestyle. They can also help you to plan meals that are not only healthy but are based around the foods that you enjoy. Once you begin to understand the principles of a good diet for diabetes, your diet plans should fall into place naturally within time.

Diabetes doesn’t have to mean a life sentence of fruit and vegetables. It does however mean changing your current lifestyle to one that is much more healthy to avoid further complications with your condition. Many people find that by following a good diabetes diet, they are not reliant on insulin in any form.

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