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Diet Lettuce Soup Recipe

Diet lettuce soup

Diet Lettuce Soup

Lettuce has a lot of weight loss benefits, including the low calories it contains per serving, the amount of water it provides (making you feel fuller than you would by eating the same calorific value of food normally) and contains fibre to aid your digestion. Lettuce also shares many other health benefits including helping to prevent various diseases (cataracts, heart disease, stroke and some cancers), reduces constipation, relieves headaches, fights insomnia and many, many more health benefits.

We have detailed in the past how diet soup has many weight loss advantages such as being easy to make (so you don’t get fed up and opt for a fatty microwave meal), easy to take to work in a flask (avoiding those fatty take-away lunches) and fills you up a lot more than you think. So, we figured we’d combine the two and give you a great diet lettuce soup recipe! The one we’ve got for you includes a bit of celery and pea, but could not be easier to make, as you’ll see below.

Whilst it might be easier to choose the lettuce you are used, different types of lettuce do produce different nutritional benefits. They are all very low in calories per serving, but Iceberg is seriously lacking in lots of key nutrients. Romaine, on the other hand, is much better equipped to provide you with these much-needed nutrients so it is probably best to use this sort of cabbage in your diet lettuce soup. Yes, it will affect the colour of the soup and probably make it look less attractive, but the goal here is to lose weight, not to make your food look good!

First, you’ll need a small lettuce, some meat stock, two potatoes, the leaves off the top of some celery, two tablespoons of peas (it doesn’t matter whether these are fresh or canned), and a large tablespoon of flour.

Take your potatoes, peel them, and boil them to get them soft. Next up, chop up your lettuce and that’s your ingredients prepared! Boil your meat stock, and add in all your ingredients except the flour. Mix the flour with a little water and add that in. Stir well, boil for 90 minutes and you’ll have a brilliant, easy-to make, diet lettuce soup!

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